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Clem Hanley 2015
Parents: Ezra
Occupation: Student at Erinsborough High

The teenage son of Ezra Hanley, like his father he had two sides to his personality, and could both turn nasty and switch on a smile when required, though ultimately he just wanted a little bit of attention from his dad, who'd barely been around when he was growing up. Ezra had previously visited Erinsborough in 2014 to work on some festival proposals with a former colleague from Lassiter's in Perth, Terese Willis. Though they'd once been close, Ezra had pushed things too far and come on to her in her hotel room, and she was left distressed after forcing him out of the room. Ezra had denied all of Terese's claims and had decided to sue the hotel for defamation, but had eventually left town after losing his job and receiving a nasty beating, arranged by Terese's friend and boss, Paul Robinson, to scare him off.

When Paul sold the hotel to the Quill Group the following year, he, along with Terese and her husband Brad, were horrified when Ezra returned as Quill's Acquisitions Manager, to oversee the change of ownership. He quickly made his presence felt, taunting Terese to the point where she decided to quit her job and take a holiday in Canada, visiting her daughter. Brad, meanwhile, was surprised to learn that Ezra's teenage son, Clem, was joining his class at Erinsborough High, whilst waiting for a place to open up at Eden Hills Grammar. Though principal Susan Kennedy was worried that it could be a problem, Brad insisted that he would treat Clem like any other student, and Clem also seemed like a quiet and polite boy who wouldn't cause any trouble. However, once they were alone, Clem asked Brad if he was married to 'that scrag' Terese, and Brad put him in a lunchtime detention, where more taunting followed. However, when Brad explained what had happened to Susan, Clem denied it all and instead put in an official complaint against Brad. A few days later, Brad saw Clem receive a text message during class, looking very upset about its contents, then running out of class claiming to need a toilet break. When Brad tried to talk to him about it after class, Clem refused to say anything and Brad confiscated his phone.

Later, Susan saw Brad going through Clem's phone, trying to get to the bottom of the problem, but reminded him that it was strictly against the rules to invade a student's privacy like that. When Ezra then made a complaint about the way Brad had been victimising his son, Susan called Brad and Clem in for separate meetings, trying to resolve the situation. But as Clem continued to deny doing anything wrong, claiming that Mr Willis was making it all up, Susan was left with no choice but to suspend Brad from his job. Upon her return from Canada, Terese was shocked to hear about everything that had happened, and particularly surprised to hear about Clem's behaviour, as he'd always been such a quiet, polite boy when she'd known him back in Perth. After both she and Susan tried speaking to Clem, Terese's words finally seemed to get through to him, and he later went to Susan and explained that he believed that his girlfriend, Chloe had been assaulted by Ezra. It was then left to Susan to report the matter to the police, and to Terese to persuade Chloe to speak out about the incident, while Clem returned home to Perth to live with his mother, and Ezra was arrested for his crimes.

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Biography by Steve