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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Ivan Hart Erik Donnison

Ivan Hart 2000
Marital Status: Katrina
Occupation: A Good Hair Day Salon Owner

When Lyn Scully was employed as manager of Lassiter’s new salon, A Good Hair Day, she thought she’d landed her dream job. However, as time went on, Lyn realised that salon owner Ivan Hart didn’t like to do things by the book. His visits only involved popping in to take money from the till and before long, the books weren’t adding up. Lyn was forced to pay the stylists’ wages from her own pocket. When she confronted Ivan, the argument was overheard by her husband, Joe, who threatened Ivan and managed to lose Lyn her job. Having worked out her final week, Lyn was shocked when Ivan’s wife, Katrina, walked in and announced that he’d done a runner to avoid his creditors, having run up huge gambling debts.

Notes: Erik Donnison also appeared under the name Eric Donnison. He previously guest-starred in 1989 as Ted Murrow, in 1990 as Gavin Fairweather, in 1992 as Ralph Jansen, in 1994 as Alan Briggs and Errol Peterson, in 1998 as Joe Langer and in 1999 as Rob McGregor.

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