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Anna Hauser 2011-
Occupation: Receptionist at Simmons & Colbert Law Firm

The loyal receptionist at Simmons & Colbert law firm, Anna Hauser was around to witness the fallout as senior partner Peter Noonan was arrested for his part in trying to scare local businesses into selling up, including beating up mechanic Chris Pappas, for a shopping mall to be built on the land. Unfortunately, lawyer Toadie Rebecchi found himself framed for the fraud, and assaulting Chris, and Anna was forced to stop him from getting to his office when he turned up for work the next day, though she showed that she had sympathy for his plight when she went on a coffee break and 'accidentally' left her computer logged in, allowing Toadie to check the work emails and find proof of Noonan's guilt. Anna proved very useful the following week when Chris boss Lucas arrived with a photo of the man suspected of bashing Chris, and she admitted that he'd been to see Peter Noonan, under a false name, but he did have a recognisable tattoo of the word 'Dasher'. As the man, Lewis Walton was found and tricked into admitting his guilt at the police station, Toadie confidently returned to the law firm, only to be told by his new boss Charlotte McKemmie that his position had been terminated, leaving both Toadie and Anna shocked. Anna was secretly delighted, however, when Toadie managed to get his job back, by threatening to take the firm to court for unfair dismissal.

Later in the year, Anna was witness to Toadie's personal life being dragged into the office, when his adopted son Callum arrived, furious with his dad for spending all of his time at work and missing their trip to a football game. Early in 2013, Anna handed Ajay Kapoor his belongings from his office when he quit his job, and meanwhile, Toadie had become a father to little Nell, and Anna was surprised when Toadie brought his new daughter into the office, hoping that she would sleep as he saw important clients.

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Biography by Steve