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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Barry Hawkins James Patrick

Barry Hawkins 1988
Occupation: Car Salesman

When Madge Ramsay won a car in a raffle, she decided that the time had finally come to learn to drive. However, her lessons were hit by one disaster after another – including hitting the street’s fire hydrant and proceeding to soak Mrs Mangel and Eileen Clarke – and she decided that perhaps it was not meant to be. She asked her son, Henry, to contact one of the Waterhole pub regulars, Barry Hawkins, about selling the car. Barry then visited Madge and took the car away, making her sign an agreement, before returning that afternoon and explaining that he’d sold it for $4000, minus his 10% commission. Madge was shocked, realising that she could have raised a lot more money, but, after taking her anger out on Henry, came to the conclusion that there was nothing she could do about it.

Trivia Notes
• James Patrick previously played Detective Thomas in 1985
• He returned in 1990 as Alan Stewart and again in 1996 as Peter Lenten

Biography by Steve



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