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Jason Healey 2008

Never one to turn down an opportunity to spend money, Elle Robinson was quickly won over when car deal Jason Healey approached her by Lassiter's, managing to convince her that a classic car he had was a bargain. Deciding that the car would do wonders for her image, Elle was sucked in and bought in and, although her friend, mechanic Lucas Fitzgerald, was convinced that she'd bought a lemon, she wasted little time in showing it off around town. A couple of weeks later, whilst driving the car home from the market, the steering wheel suddenly gave way, causing her to veer off into a tree. After being rescued by Lucas and checked over at the hospital, Elle was embarrassed, but, after speaking with Elle's friend Donna, who'd been a passenger in the accident, Lucas became concerned and decided to look over the car, later telling Elle that she'd bought a 'cut n shut' - two cars welded together. Elle got in touch with Jason, who offered to refund her money plus 10% if she didn't get the insurance company involved, before heading off to do another dodgy deal with two of Elle's neighbours, Zeke Kinski and Ringo Brown.

Realising that more and more people were getting dragged into the mess, Elle decided to contact Jason and take up his offer of a payout, but he realised that she'd spoken to the police and warned her that, unless she backed off, she and those close to her would get hurt. When the police arrived to question her later that day, Elle lied that none of the photofits were Jason but when Donna went missing, Elle and Lucas managed to get the address for Jason's girlfriend, Sascha Bracks and went looking. When Sascha almost caught them, Elle and Lucas ended up hiding in a garage, where they hoped to find evidence that the cars were 'cut n shut' jobs. When Sascha unknowingly locked them in the garage, they were forced to try and escape through a window, just as Jason turned up and heard the commotion. He found Lucas in the garage, seemingly unconscious, but Elle was too quick for him and knocked him out with a metal pole, before going to call the police, this time telling them the truth and leading them to enough evidence to put Jason and Sascha in jail.

Episodes Featured
5556, 5566, 5567, 5568

Biography by Steve