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Senior Sergeant Malcolm Hill 2007
Occupation: Senior Sergeant

When the Parker family’s removal van rolled out into the main road, crashing into the minibus carrying various guests back from Rosie Cammeniti and Frazer Yeats’ wedding, a full police investigation got underway. Senior Sergeant Malcolm Hill questioned the members of the Parker family, explaining that marks had been found on the road indicating that someone had tried to apply the brakes on the van before it crashed. When Ned Parker’s young son Mickey overheard the police talking, he realised that it wouldn’t be long before they found out that it was him, messing around inside the van, who had let the handbrake off and caused the accident, so he ran away from home.

The following week, Mickey was found at the home of mother and son Rebecca and Declan Napier. Declan had befriended Mickey on the streets, where he stole and scammed to get money to help his mum pay the bills, with her believing that he'd been doing a paperround. Whilst attempting to steal a computer from inside a house, Mickey had become trapped and Declan was forced to break a window, leaving Mickey's dog, Jake with a cut paw. At the Napier house, Mickey hid while Declan pretended that the dog was a stray and Rebecca called for the services of a vet - who just happened to be Mickey's Uncle Steve. Seeing through Declan's lies, Steve contacted the police, who arrived to take Mickey home, warning him to be careful of the company he kept in future, and letting Declan off with a warning, since he was only sixteen.

A few weeks later, Malcolm helped Pepper, the daughter of his former colleague Allan Steiger, when her boyfriend Adam Rhodes was undergoing the final element of his assessment to join the police. Pepper and Malcolm managed to sneak in and watch as Adam passed his final tests, and Malcolm told her that it looked like her new boyfriend was a good bloke.

Biography by Steve