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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Jamies Hines Steven Bahnsen

Jamie Hines 2007

When Boyd Hoyland and Sky Mangel befriended Caleb Maloney, who had received the heart of Sky’s boyfriend Stingray Timmins during organ donation, he admitted to Sky that his poor health was due to a drink driving incident in which he’d crashed and killed his best friend. He explained that his family and friends had cut him off since then, and started relying on Sky and Stingray’s mum, Janelle, for support. Boyd was unsettled by the closeness between Sky and Caleb, and tracked down his friends, hopeful that they’d give him another chance. When Boyd confronted Jamie Hines and the other guys, he was shocked to learn that it had been Caleb who had turned his back on them following the accident. Boyd reported this back to Janelle and Sky, and Janelle was particularly upset, telling Caleb that she couldn’t see him any more, as he had to go and get his old life back, or Stingray’s death would all have been for nothing.

Biography by Steve



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