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Hank Humbert 2003

After reading a lonely hearts ad in the newspaper about a woman who’d seen a man in the fruit and veg aisle at the local supermarket, Sky Mangel dragged boyfriend Boyd Hoyland along to watch the romance unfold. They saw school principal Candace Barkham waiting in the Coffee Shop with a red rose, then walking out. As they followed, they realised how upset she was, and Sky decided to do something about it. They went to the supermarket the next day and tried to spot any men that could fit the bill. After settling on one, a guy named Hank, they followed him around the supermarket, dropping the lonely hearts ad from the paper wherever they thought that he might spot it. Eventually, Sky resorted to distracting Hank and pretending to be injured, while Boyd placed the ad on his car windscreen. That plan also failed, when Hank didn’t read it, but rather moved it across to the next car. Not wanting to give up on lonely Ms Barkham, they decided to take another tack, and left notes for both Candace and Hank arranging to meet at Lassiter’s Restaurant at 7pm that evening. After booking their own table, Sky and Boyd then happily watched as the pair met, had a wonderful evening and left the restaurant together.

Biography by Steve



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