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Amy Medway 1985

An old schoolfriend of Max Ramsay and Jim Robinson, Amy Medway grew up with them, but later moved away to England. Many years later, she returned to town for a school reunion, and got in touch with Max by letter, to ask if he'd like to meet up. Max was nervous about spending time with another woman, as his marriage to Maria had only recently fallen apart, but eventually called Amy and arranged to meet for a drink, telling him that she'd be wearing a red, silk dress. Unfortunately, Amy was late, and when another, larger lady, wearing a silk dress, walked into the pub, Max made a quick getaway. When Amy called to apologise for being late, Max told her that he couldn't see her again, as he was leaving the country. However, soon afterwards, Max and Jim were chatting to Jack the barman, who mentioned that Amy had turned up that night, after Max had gone home, and that she was stunning. Realising his mistake, Max tried to call her, but she hung up on him.

Jim then offered to try contacting Amy, and she was delighted to hear from him. They arranged to meet, with Jim later bringing her back to meet his family - Jim's mother-in-law, Helen Daniels, was particularly happy to see Amy again after so many years, as she had been a friend of Helen's late daughter, and Jim's late wife, Anne. Amy fit in well at the Robinson house, and Jim's children seemed to like her, though his younger son Scott was a little wary of her, and the possibility of her becoming his new stepmother. Amy had little intention of staying, however, as she was only just going through a divorce. After the school reunion, Jim and Amy went on a trip down memory lane, visiting some of their old haunts, including Luna Park, where they shared a kiss on the ferris wheel, just as they had done when they were young. On her final day in town, before flying back to England, Amy thanked Jim for their brief romance, and for making her feel like she was a desirable woman again. She told Jim to look her up, if he was ever in the UK, and then flew out of his life again. Max, however, was less than impressed, having spotted them in the pub together, and found out from Jack this Jim was dining with Amy Medway. Furious that Jim had stolen his woman, Max turned on his closest friend and almost destroyed their friendship in the process.

Trivia Notes
Paula Duncan returned to Neighbours in 2011 as Carolyn Johnstone
Amy did not appear on screen in episode 108; only her voice was heard
Whilst appearing as Amy, Paula was given the special credit of 'Guest Appearance by Paula Duncan', as she was very well known at the time for her role as Danni Francis in Cop Shop between 1977 and 1984

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Biography by Steve