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Gordon Miller 1985
Marital Status: Terry Inglis (??-1985; Divorced)

Gordon Miller married trainee plumber Terry Inglis at a young age. He was unemployed and so they lived off her wages for several months. In a bid to regain some self-respect, Gordon got involved with a group of petty criminals. His marriage broke down as his behaviour got worse, eventually escalating into robbing banks. It was during one of these robberies, at the Pacific Bank, that things went badly wrong. During the getaway, a police car gave chase, culminating in a serious car crash with another car, carrying Shane and Danny Ramsay. The accident killed Miller’s accomplice and ended Shane’s diving career, while Miller himself was sent to prison following a trial some weeks later.

When Terry began working for Max Ramsay, and started dating his son, Shane, she realised that she had to come clean about her past relationship with Gordon Miller. At first, Shane was hurt by her involvement with the man, but things suddenly changed when Miller escaped on the way to prison. Shane helped Terry to move from her small flat to number 30 Ramsay Street, sharing with Des Clarke and a reluctant Daphne Lawrence. It quickly transpired that Terry was not safe in her new home, as she received threatening calls and letters. Some days later, Lucy Robinson spotted Miller out in the street carrying a gun, but nobody believed her outlandish stories. Meanwhile, Miller managed to break into number 30 to wait for Terry, but was forced to leave when he was disturbed by Daphne.

The following day, Terry was driving to a job when she realised she was being tailed by Miller. Fortunately, Shane had realised something was amiss and had also followed her. A desperate Terry went straight to Max’s bedsit, but Miller followed her in and held the pair of them hostage. Just before Gordon managed to do any damage, Shane burst in and saved the day. Miller was returned to prison, leaving Terry badly shaken, but finally able to move on with her life, and their divorce was finalised a few weeks later.

Episodes Featured
9, 10, 75, 76, 77

Biography by Steve