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Character Profiles > Minor Characters > 1985

A chronological list of minor credited characters appearing in the 1985 season. Click on any name to go to a picture of that character.

TV Reporter (uncredited) Episode 7 appeared on the television to interview Marcia Taylor about the disappearance of her daughter, Kim.

Streetwalker (Mickey Camilleri) Episode 8 Woman who runaway Kim Taylor met in the back streets of Melbourne.

Shopkeeper (Bill Anderson) Episode 9 Owner of shop where Eddie Sherwin and Danny Ramsay steal a cassette, but Danny gets caught and is forced to call his brother, Shane, to pay $50 for it.

Gordon's accomplice (uncredited) Episode 9 Joins Gordon Miller outside the bank to plan their robbery the next day.

Policeman (Peter Black) Episodes 10, 13 Arrives at 24 Ramsay Street to tell Maria about the accident her sons have been involved in. Also attends the scene a few days later when bank teller Julie Robinson raises the alarm about a suspicious customer, only for it to turn out that he fancies Julie but was too afraid to approach her.

Policeman 2 (Steven Hutchinson) Episode 10 Attends the scene of Shane and Danny's car crash, and tries to calm Danny down as he worries about his brother.

TV Newscaster (uncredited) Episode 11 Reported on the bank robbery and accident involving Shane, upsetting Daphne, who then turned the television off.

Policewoman (Christine Earle) Episode 13 Attends the scene a few days later when bank teller Julie Robinson raises the alarm about a suspicious customer, only for it to turn out that he fancies Julie but was too afraid to approach her. (Note: Christine Earle also appeared in 1995 as Marelle Balaskas and in 2001 as Linda O'Donahue)

Stall attendant (Pamela Sydney) Episode 13 Jim and Anna bought flowers from her during a trip the markets.

Shopkeeper (Justin Rich) Episode 26 Witnessed Danny Ramsay and Scott Robinson trying to help Carol Brown after she'd been mugged, and they ran off, worried they'd be blamed.

Mugger (Craig Jenkins) Episode 26 Mugged Carol Brown as she left a shop - a crime for which Danny Ramsay and Scott Robinson got the blame when they tried to help.

Shopkeeper (Ron Pinnell) Episode 30 After losing all their possessions, Scott and Danny spot an ad in the window of a garage shop, looking for farmhands. The shopkeeper warns them that the farmer is a very tough old woman, but they realise they have no choice but to apply.

Birthday boy (John Adams) Episode 32 A man celebrating his birthday, with Daphne as the stripper at the party, with Des as her chaperone. Thinking that the birthday boy was coming on too strong, Des confronted him and punched him in the stomach.

Policeman (Peter Patay) Episode 34 Arrived at the Forbes farm to tell Mrs Forbes that her husband had passed away in hospital.

Neighbour (uncredited) Episode 35 Comes to the Forbes' farm to see if Mrs Forbes is OK after her husband's death. Scott and Danny, who were preparing to leave, are stunned to learn the news and decide to stay.

Funeral director (Raymond Rich) Episode 35 Comes to the Forbe's farm to make arrangements for Ned's funeral, though Mrs Forbes struggles to come up with the money to pay for the service. (Note: Raymond Rich also appeared in 1988 as Phillip Stone and in 1994 as Ron Wilfred)

Old man (Ernest Wilson) Episode 37 A man who came to the door of Max Ramsay's bedsit and explained that he used to live in that room until he complained about the smell and got moved further down the corridor.

Spinster (Cheryl Ballantine) Episode 37 A drunk woman who hadn't vacated the bedsit that Max Ramsay was due to move into. (Note: Cheryl Ballantine also appeared as Evelyn Maloney in 1989, Nurse Brabham in 1994 and Clara Britton in 1998)

Waiter (David Armstrong) Episode 37 Waiter who serves Julie Robinson and Greg Arnold when they go out to dinner together.

Waiter (uncredited) Episode 42 Serves Maria Ramsay and Nick Burman during a date at a restaurant.

Maitre 'D (uncredited) Episode 42 Attends to Maria Ramsay and Nick Burman during their dinner date.

RSPCA Attendant (Joy Dunston) Episode 47 After losing out on keeping Patch the dog, Jim agrees that Lucy can have a pet and they go to the RSPCA animal adoption centre, where the attendant told them about the work they did in rehousing animals, and Lucy picked a puppy and named him Basil.