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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Linda O'Donohue Christine Earle

Linda O'Donohue 2001
Occupation: Social Worker

When both Leo Hancock and his younger sister Emily were reported missing from home within months of each other, a social worked was called in to investigate. Although both children turned up safe and sound, Linda O’Donahue was brought in to make sure that everything was ok at home. Parents Evan and Maggie were shocked by the accusations, but eventually agreed to be interviewed and Linda explained that she had been referred by a police officer who had been helping to search for Emily and had been concerned for her financial and emotional wellbeing. After looking over the family’s bills and giving them the number of a financial counsellor, Linda interviewed Leo and Emily, with Evan’s boss and neighbour Susan Kennedy sitting in. Afterwards, Linda saw no need for the investigations to go any further, and assured Maggie and Evan that it was simply her job to follow up every allegation, and, if they didn’t, they would soon have the media on their case.

Notes: Christine Earle previously played a policewoman in 1985, who almost arrested Peter Kirk when Julie Robinson thought he was casing the bank where she worked - in fact, he wanted to ask her out. She also played Marelle Balaskas in 1995.

Biography by Steve



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