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Character Profiles > Minor Characters > 2005

A chronological list of minor credited characters appearing in the 2005 season. Click on any name to go to a picture of that character.

Photographer (Alex Cheatham) Episode 4642/4652 The photographer arranged by Paul Robinson to take photos of David Bishop and his family for his political campaign. (Note: In episode 4642, the photographer was incorrectly credited as Opell Ross)

Attractive woman (Hannah McDonough) Episode 4663 Came to the Community Hall Coffee Shop on a date with Paul, which he had set up to make Izzy jealous.

Photographer (Opell Ross) Episode 4674 Took the photos when Boyd Hoyland was persuaded to appear in a photoshoot for the local gym. (Note: Opell Ross previously appeared as Suki in 1996)

Dancer (Nichola Jayne) Episode 4679 The dancer who appeared on stage before Sindi when, desperate for money, she returned to her old job dancing at Lapland Follies.

Homeowner (Graeme Baker) Episode 4689 When Janelle, Dylan and Stingray Timmins went hunting for valuables in the hard rubbish collection, they accidentally took a tumble dryer that had actually just been delivered to the house. When the angry homeowner appeared, Janelle quickly dumped the dryer and drove away

Elderly driver (Wally Dalton) Episode 4691 The driver who picked up Janae and Bree Timmins when they were thrown off a bus and forced to hitchhike to Erinsborough. (Note: Wall Dalton previously trained Karma the horse in 1998)

Janae look-a-like (Taryn Eva) Episode 4714 When Dylan, Bree and Stingray went to save sister Janae from Chris Cousens, they couldn't find her at the club and Dylan accidentally grabbed a girl who looked like Janae from behind.

Nightclub bouncer (Eddie Lesjak) Episode 4714 Came over to the Timmins siblings to check everything was OK as they confronted Chris Cousens about his attempts to abduct Janae.

Spinner (Peri Thompson) Episode 4717 The guy who was flipping the coins when Bobby Hoyland took Izzy to a backstreet gambling club, where they won enough money to pay for Steph to appeal her murder charge.

Clerk of the court (Raymond Thomas) Episode 4717 Clerk during David Bishop's fraud trial.

Police prosecutor (David Robinson) Episode 4717 Police prosecutor during David Bishop's fraud trial.

Cameraman (Mark Nussbaum) Episode 4726 Came to number 30 with a crew from Channel 44 to make a documentary about wrestling star Connor O'Neill aka The Shamrock.

Security guard (Therron Rochford) Episode 4732 The guard who came looking when Sky and Dylan gained access to the Affirmicon offices to gain evidence that they were up to something dodgy.

Old man (Bill Passick) Episode 4753 The first customer through the doors when Connor O'Neill and Toadie Rebecchi took over the running of Bounce bikini shop, much to their disappointment.

Shifty crims 1 & 2 (Simon Arandt/Peter Lyons) Episode 4758 As Steiger was giving Stuart Parker advice on his paranoia that everyone was a criminal and suggesting that he see the staff counsellor, they spotted a couple of drug dealers in a car nearby and went after them.

Nurse (Jane Carew-Reid) Episode 4770 The nurse who was taking Paul Robinson out in his wheelchair for some fresh air around Lassiter's when he spotted Liljana, and told the nurse that he would pay her overtime if they could just stay and speak to Lil. (Note: Jane Carew-Reid previously appeared in 2002 as Nicole Jackson)

'Stupid Aussie's compere (George Kapiniaris) Episode 4780 The host of the Channel 44 video show which Janae Timmins won with her Britney impression. (Note: George Kapiniaris returned in 2007 as Tony Aristedes)

Mysterious figure (Richard Swanson) Episode 4836 The unseen person who planted the bomb in the plane before the Lassiter's joy flight, later revealed to be Robert Robinson. (Note: Richard Swanson made several other appearances as the mysterious person terrorising Paul and Izzy in 2006, and also as an 'Amorous man' in episode 5183)

Security guards 1 & 2 (Pete Lazer/Rob Jones) Episode 4865 When Susan and her guests got a little drunk and loud during her hen night, two security guards came to remove them from the area, but Susan mistook them for strippers and told them to get their gear off, before being escorted away. (Note: Pete Lazer previously appeared as Shane McMahon in 2000)