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Character Profiles > Minor Characters > 2007

A chronological list of minor credited characters appearing in the 2007 season. Click on any name to go to a picture of that character.

Anaesthetist (Kerry Secombe) - Episode 5170 - present at the operation to remove bone marrow from Stingray Timmins when he donated to baby Kerry Mangel. (Note: Also appeared in episode 4702 during the operation to remove Boyd's brain tumour)

Amorous man/Amorous woman (Richard Swanson/Karoline Gliwa) – Episode 5183 – a couple who were sitting at the back of a bus kissing, causing Ringo Brown, Lolly Allen and Rosie Cammeniti to throw sweets at them. (Note: Richard Swanson was also the mysterious hand seen planting the bomb on the plane in 2005 and leaving notes for Paul and Izzy, who later turned out to be Robert Robinson)

Stingray ‘double’ (Jade Amantea) – Episode 5184 – appeared only from the back in a dream sequence in which Sky Mangel thought her dead boyfriend Stingray was in her kitchen but he wouldn’t turn to face her. (Note: Jade Amantea previously appeared in 2004 as Muggsley Denniston)

Nurse (Melanie Schilling) – Episode 5223 – As Elle waited for news on her father’s brain operation, she fell asleep. Upon waking up, she asked the nurse on reception if there had been any developments, but was told that he was still in surgery.

Young Oliver Barnes (Brody McPharlane) – Episode 5256 – appeared in old home movies, watched by an older Oliver after learning he was adopted, playing cricket with his parents. (Note: Brody McPharlane returned later in 2007 as the second actor to play Tyler Smith)

Courier – Adam Power – Episode 5300 – Brought a delivery to the law firm, as Rebecca filled in on the phones, hoping to get herself a job there.

Courier – Ben Terrell – Episode 5301 – Collected some documents from the law firm.

Paper Boy – Christian Charisou – Episode 5307 – Delivered the morning paper to the residents of Ramsay Street, with news that Stingray’s graffiti wall had been saved. (Christian Charisou appeared later in 2007 as Tom Corbett and Tom Langley)

Policeman #1/Policeman #2 – Aaron Sterns/James Beaumont – Episode 5318 – Raided the caravan in the bush where it was thought that Nick and Laura were keeping Declan hostage. They had already left, however, and were watching from nearby.

Declan ‘double’ (Dylan Hyrne) – Episode 5321 – Played Declan (from the back) during a nightmare in which he was arguing with himself over whether he had deserved to be kidnapped by Nick and Laura.

Gorilla man (Steven Sammut) – Episode 5323 – One of the competitors in the Erinsborough fun run.

Ticket attendant (Stan Roach) – Episode 5328 – Credited but did not appear on screen. (Stan Roach was also credited as David Hyde later in 2007, another character who did not appear on screen)

Sign guy (Sean Kneebone) – Episode 5361 – Puts up the auction board outside number 26, surprising Ned and Janae as they return home after a run.

Boat enthusiast (Lyndsay Edwards) – Episode 5361 – Interviewed by Elle and Riley for the local newspaper, after editor Brad Jordan takes them off a bigger story about illegal dance parties.