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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Fred Mitchell Nick Waters

Frederick 'Fred' Mitchell 1986
Marital Status: Madge Mitchell (divorced)
Children: Henry, Charlene and Sam
Occupation: Parking Inspector, Hardware Salesman

Fred Mitchell married feisty Madge Ramsay when they were both young, and they shared over twenty years of marriage. Fred was never the best of husbands and his wife walked out on him when she discovered that he’d been having an affair with his young secretary, Susan Cole. It was later revealed that Susan was pregnant, putting further strain on everyone. Madge had since fled to her old home in Erinsborough, where their daughter, Charlene had recently joined her.

With divorce imminent, Fred turned up in Ramsay Street one day to discuss the division of their assets. Madge wasn’t keen to be obliging towards the man, but realised that it was best for everyone if they tried to be civil with each other. They managed to divide most things, but Madge was hurt when Fred reminded her about the $10,000 diamond engagement ring he had bought her. Although she felt disgusted by her husband’s actions, Madge admitted to neighbour Daphne Lawrence that she still loved Fred. She went to his room at Lassiter’s Hotel, in the hope of clearing everything up, but he worked his charms on her, talking about their future, and they ended up sleeping together. Madge felt happy afterwards, believing that there was chance to repair her marriage, and she arranged to meet Fred for a drink in The Waterhole. When he arrived, he told her that she could keep the ring, then he started to talk about his delight at being able to start a family with Susan. Madge was shocked, realising that he’d conned her once again, but her friends and family made her realise that she was much better off without him.

Unhappy in Erinsborough, Charlene decided to return to live with her father some weeks later, but was shocked when he turned up and explained that he didn’t want her back. She was quick to forgive him when he returned a couple of weeks later, but he showed his true colours soon after when he begged Madge for a reconciliation. It was only when he mentioned that the business was failing, and he needed to sell her diamond ring to raise some money, that Madge realised the real reason for his return. However, he assured her that he desperately wanted to get the family back together and even thought about accepting a job as head barman at the Waterhole. After dinner together, Madge once again softened to her estranged husband and agreed to give him the ring. However, she told him that she wanted $5000 back from its $10,000 value, as she still needed some security. He wrote her a cheque and left, explaining that he needed to tie up some loose ends in Coffs Harbour. Soon after, Madge phoned him and realised that she’d been taken for a fool again, as he wouldn’t be coming back. Before long, Charlene told her mother that Fred had sold the hardware business and shot through.

Fred showed his nasty streak once more before his disappearance, when he turned on Susan and threw her out, along with their baby, Sam. Charlene helped Susan in secret for a while, but when she fell ill, Madge agreed to take them in, feeling a little obliged, and before long, a strong bond grew between the two women who had been badly wronged by Fred Mitchell.

Biography by Steve



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