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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Greg Baxter Roy Edmunds, Christopher Connelly

Greg Baxter 2006, 2007
Marital Status: Brenda
Children: Breanna [Bree]; Anne (adoptive)

Having brought up blind Anne as their own daughter, Greg Baxter, and his wife Brenda, were shocked to learn that there had been a mix-up at the hospital when she was born, and they had brought home the wrong child. Desperate to ignore the situation, they refused to make any contact with Bree Timmins, their biological child, but Anne overheard them talking about it one day and got in touch with Bree and her family in secret. A few weeks later, Anne broke the news to Greg and Brenda about what she’d done, and explained that Bree wanted to meet them, but they weren’t prepared to do that, instead packing their bags and disappearing, taking Anne with them, and later settling up north in Cairns.

Back in Erinsborough, Loris Timmins, the mother of Kim, the man who had raised Bree as his own along with wife Janelle, admitted to her good friend Harold Bishop that she’d been behind the baby swap, as revenge for the way Janelle had tried to shut her out of her grandchildren’s lives. She had immediately regretted her actions and had tried to fix the mistake, but it had been too late. Seeing how confused and alone Bree was feeling, Loris left, determined to track down the Baxters and right her wrong. She eventually found Anne, who, with Loris’ help, headed back to Erinsborough to reunite with her family. Believing his daughter was at school camp, Greg was horrified to learn the truth and went to Erinsborough to get her back. But, whilst there, Greg ended up getting to know Bree, and the pair bonded over a shared love of reading. Greg admitted to Bree that she was the spitting image of his mother, but told her that he wanted nothing more to do with her and just wanted to take Anne home and continue with his life.

A devastated Bree couldn’t understand why her birth parents kept rejecting her, but, having had time to think, Greg returned and apologised, explaining that he’d been an idiot and would be honoured if Bree would like to get to know him. Realising that it wasn’t going to be practical to have one daughter in Melbourne and the other in Cairns, Janelle and Bree, along with Janelle’s fiancé, Allan Steiger, decided to up sticks and move to Northern Queensland.

Trivia Notes
• Though he was credited for the 2006 appearance as Greg, Roy Edmunds never appeared on screen in the role
• Roy previously appeared as Max Tyner and Doug Bainbridge in 1997, as Sean Brady in 1999 and as Brian Williams in 2003

Biography by Steve



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