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Diana Murray 2007
Marital Status: Julian Murray (Divorced)
Occupation: Barrister

Only days after establishing new law firm Rebecchi Cammeniti, Rosie Cammeniti was called away to Rome, where her beloved aunt Maria was dying. With two major cases already brewing, she left a note for partner Toadie Rebecchi suggesting that he aim high and try to get Diana Murray, a barrister and someone the pair both looked up to, to help out. After learning that Diana had recently left a major firm in the city and was acting a bit weird, Toadie decided that they had nothing to lose and he contacted her, but was still very surprised when she agreed to a meeting. As Toadie put forward his case, the dry-witted Diana admitted that she was tempted, but it all seemed a little too slow and suburban for her, but agreed to speak further when she found out that one of the cases would see her pitted against Tim Collins, a ruthless lawyer and the previous employer of Toadie and Rosie. After helping Toadie rub Tim's nose in the fact that Rebecchi Cammeniti were taking over his old offices, then attending a party to celebrate Rosie completing her articles and becoming a lawyer, Diana agreed to a trial period with the firm. She also offered to give up her retainer, allowing Toadie to use the money to fully furnish Rebecchi Cammeniti's new premises.

Diana quickly got involved in the custody battle for Mickey Gannon, when his mum Kirsten ran off with him, having learnt that she wasn't being recommended for custody. Diana dragged in Tim, Kirsten's lawyer, and forced him to help track her down. With that problem solved, Rebecchi Cammeniti were on the lookout for a new secretary when Rebecca Napier called by to talk about her own case and ended up answering the phones. Diana was suitably impressed and encouraged Toadie to hire her. The following week, Rosie returned from Italy, thrilled to be working alongside her idol, despite having lost her office to her. As the team worked to help Rebecca's son Oliver Barnes in his battle to stop adoptive brother Sebastian taking back his inheritance, Rebecca made a fatal mistake, sending documents detailing Oliver's plans to sell his businesses - something he couldn't do whilst they were the subject of legal action and which Diana and Toadie had talked him out of - to Sebastian's lawyer, Tim. When Rebecca then offered to resign, Diana didn't try to stop her, but reminded Rosie that it was still her practice, and if she wanted to hire Rebecca back, then she should do so.

Rosie's decision to go against Diana's wishes proved to be a turning point in their relationship, and soon Diana was offering Rosie lifts to work, and confiding that her ex-husband Julian, a Sydney QC, wanted her to take on a big case with him. Diana was keen to take on the case, but worried about working with Julian again, but after seeing the love and trust between Rosie and her husband, Frazer, she decided to give things another try - at least on a professional level - and, after thanking Rosie and Toadie for everything and wishing them success with their new practice, she boarded a flight to Sydney.

Trivia Notes
Jane Allsop previously appeared in 1995 as Samantha Spry and in 1998 and 1999 as Shelley Hanson

Biography by Steve