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Josh Nelson 2006
Occupation: Dean of Eden University's Film School

When Stingray Timmins was wrongly sent to prison, and released a few weeks later, he was unable to complete year 12 of high school and, rather than repeat the year, was forced to find a novel way to get into film school. After making a short film, interviewing his friends and family about their idea of happiness, he made a robot with a built-in DVD player and sent it to the front door of Josh Nelson, the Dean of the film school. Fortunately, Josh was impressed and, after setting Stingray another task – to make a storyboard using only six photographs – he was offered an unofficial place on the course and told that he could sit in on lectures and join seminars, but wouldn’t officially be part of the course unless someone else dropped out.

Although Stingray loved the course, he found it increasingly difficult to fit in with the other students, as he didn’t drink alcohol. However, after getting a job at the Scarlet Bar, he started drinking in order to fit in and found that the alcohol gave him more confidence in social situations. During one of his seminars, Stingray was attempting to give a talk, comparing the works of Jerry Bruckheimer to ancient Greek mythology. When things went badly and he started to make a fool of himself, his talk was called to a halt by Josh. During his lunch break, Stingray went to the bar and had a couple of beers and, returning to the seminar that afternoon, he had another attempt at his presentation, which went a lot better, leaving Josh impressed with his work, and Stingray believing that alcohol was the solution to his problems.

Later that semester, Josh presented Stingray with the award for the best short film for his creation 999 Killer Zombies. Josh announced that, although Stingray hadn't officially been a member of the course in that first semester, he would be from now on.

Notes: Brendan Parry Kaufmann played Josh on his first appearance, before Glen Hancox took over the role.

Biography by Steve



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