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Bea Nesbit 2004
Occupation: Nurse

When Darcy Tyler confronted Izzy Hoyland, telling her that he knew that his uncle, Karl Kennedy, was not the father of the baby she had miscarried, Izzy hoped that her secret was safe when Darcy then fell down some stairs, banged his head and went into a coma. But, a few months later, Izzy started to panic when she heard from Karl that Darcy was started to show signs of waking up. Desperate to cover her tracks, Izzy went to the hospital and tried to get her hands on her medical records to destroy them, lying to nurse Bea Nesbit that she needed the records as she was changing GP. Nurse Nesbit explained that they couldn’t just hand them out, but if Izzy left the details, the records would be passed on. A frustrated Izzy walked off, then waited until Nurse Nesbit left the desk and crept into the office of Dr Beth Carter, her gynaecologist, and stole the records back.

Trivia Notes
• Nancy Finn returned in 2005 as Jenny Thewlis

Biography by Steve



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