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Bill Newman 2009
Occupation: Gamblers Anonymous Group Leader

Having spent months spiralling into gambling addiction, Lucas Fitzgerald finally started to come to his senses when a girl died due to his actions. With Lucas owing him mnoey, Johnno Brewer had sabotaged a car at the garage where Lucas was manager, believing it belonged to Lucas. However, the car was actually owned by the Parker family, and as they headed off to Queensland the next day, the brakes failed and the car crashed, leading to the death of daughter Bridget. With his family and friends turning against him, Lucas knew he needed help and went to a gamblers anonymous meeting, where group leader Bill Newman encouraged him to join them. Lucas insisted that he would sit down when he was ready, but quickly left the hall as the meeting began. Later that week, Lucas returned to give the meeting another chance. As he sat and introduced himself, he spoke about his old life, touring the world with a motorcycle race team, and how life in suburban Erinsborough seemed dull by comparison. But as he told everyone about feeling trapped and turning to gambling for some excitement, he was unaware that his hurt ex-girlfriend Elle Robinson had been listening from the door.

Though Elle took a terrible revenge, arranging for her father Paul's buck's night, attended by Lucas, to take place at a casino, Lucas realised that he couldn't blame her for his problems. Though they both admitted that they wanted to get back together, Lucas told her that he had to take things slowly and begin by removing the complications from his life, until he was ready to move on. The next day at the Gamblers Anonymous meeting, he spoke about his breakthrough and Bill reminded them all that, if they want to change properly, they have to not only change their behaviour, but the person that they had become.

Episodes Featured
5751, 5754, 5758

Biography by Steve