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Jana Noviac 2013
Occupation: Barista, Anthropology Student

After her friend and co-worker at the cafe near Erinsborough Hospital, Diane, agreed to a date with Dr Rhys Lawson, Jana agreed to go along if Rhys could find someone suitable for her too. Rhys managed to persuade his housemate Kyle Canning to make up the foursome, and, whilst Diane and Rhys were only looking for a one-night-stand, Kyle and Jana quickly hit it off as she told him about her studies, and ended up impulsively kissing him once they were alone together, admitting that it was a little more forward than usual for her. However, Kyle was won over and they met up again the next day, with his grandmother Sheila gleefully pushing them together, hopeful that it would help him to move away from a blossoming friendship with Georgia Brooks. Seeing Kyle with Jana the night before in the bar had made Georgia realise that she was unhappy with her boyfriend Scotty and she had called him to end the relationship and was just about to give Kyle the news about her single status when Jana turned up, and Georgia realised that she might have missed her chance.

However, after only a few days, Kyle was beginning to realise that there wasn't really any spark between him and Jana. Jana, meanwhile, was turning to Georgia for advice, worried that Kyle barely showed her any affection, with Georgia suggesting that, because Kyle had just come out of a long-term relationship with Jade Mitchell, he probably just needed some time before he could truly be himself with another girl. Aware that he was just leading her on, Kyle decided to be honest with Jana, bought her some flowers and explained to her that he just didn't think there was enough of a connection between them. Jana was annoyed and threw the flowers in his face before storming off, whilst Kyle realised that he should tell Georgia how much he liked her, only for their conversation to be interrupted by Scotty, who was desperate for her to give him another chance.

Episodes Featured
6581, 6582, 6589

Biography by Steve