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Scotty Boland 2012-2013
Occupation: Farmer, Handyman

Simple country boy Scotty first came to Ramsay Street in December 2012, to visit his girlfriend Georgia, who had moved there a few weeks earlier to work at the local hospital. Scotty found Georgia enjoying herself at 26 Ramsay Street's early Christmas party, with her new friends Kyle, Chris and Aidan, and was upset to see Kyle on top of Georgia as they were all messing about with silly string. Scotty quickly calmed down as he realised how happy Georgia was to see him, and joined in as they all opened presents, but was uncomfortable when Georgia tried to get him to wear one of her gifts - a fluffy, pink tiara. Scotty's discomfort continued as he learnt that Chris and Aidan were a couple, and he struggled to hide his jealousy over Kyle and Georgia's friendship, as the boys played table football and he accused Kyle of cheating, leaving Georgia surprised at the behaviour of her usually laid-back boyfriend.

Further doubts about the relationship started to creep into Georgia's life when Scotty returned a few days later, hoping to surprise her and take her out for lunch. As she only had a short lunch break, and had taken it early to be with him, she was annoyed when he tried to take her for a fancy lunch at Lassiter's. As Scotty told her that he couldn't go out for dinner that evening, as he had to return to the farm, she was upset that he seemed to see his own job as being more important than her nursing. When he came back later to try and make things up with her, Georgia was distracted, as she had just found a suspected heart defect in Vanessa and Lucas' newborn baby, Patrick. As Scotty failed to see why she was worrying - telling her that perhaps she was in the wrong job if she couldn't switch her emotions off outside of work - Georgia started to worry that, after seven years together, perhaps she and Scotty were growing apart.

A few weeks later, the cracks in the relationship continued to widen as Georgie was called upon to return to Birregurra for a party, celebrating Scotty's mum's 56th birthday. Georgia admitted to her cousin Toadie that she wasn't keen to go, and when she got sidetracked by a barbecue, being held by Kyle and Chris to raise money for baby Patrick, she ended up missing the party altogether. Georgia lied to Scotty that she had to work, and was upset as they argued over the phone and he accused her of spoiling the day for everyone. Having decided that they were growing apart, both emotionally and geographically, Georgia phoned Scotty and ended the relationship. He hung up on her, and struggled to deal with her decision, but it was her Auntie Angie who, having just visited Erinsborough, returned home and told Scotty that there was still a chance, but that the long distance wasn't helping.

Just as Kyle was about to declare his true feelings for Georgia, Scotty returned and asked for another chance, even suggesting that he should move to Erinsborough until Georgia had completed her graduate year at the hospital. Slightly overwhelmed, and not even sure that she would want to go back to Birregurra at the end of the year, Georgia asked for some time to think, but eventually decided that it was at least worth trying to make things work with Scotty, rather than throw away the last 7 years. Scotty stuck around and found a few weeks' casual work at Kyle's handyman business, and was also keen to help out with a camp out that Georgia had organised to raise money for the hospital's neonatal unit. On the night of the camp out, Scotty, Georgia, Kyle and Chris played Trivial Pursuit, it became obvious that Georgia had more in common with Kyle, as the pair shared jokes and Scotty struggled to keep up. Later, with Chris gone, Scotty left the tent and ended up visiting Chris, asking him if he was warm enough in his sleeping bag. Convinced that Scotty had been coming on to him, Chris confided in Kyle the next day, who found the whole thing hilarious, and when Chris then saw Scotty the next day, he claimed that he'd just been looking for a drinking buddy, apologising if he'd accidentally woken Chris up, and leaving Chris to wonder if he'd misinterpreted the situation.

However, when Scotty ducked out of Toadie's buck's night and went to watch the cricket with Chris, he made his feelings clearer and tried to kiss him. Chris threw him out of the house and later told Kyle what had happened. They decided that Georgia needed to know, but were surprised when she then announced that Scotty had proposed to her. As disaster then struck Toadie and Sonya's wedding reception, and Sonya was left in a coma following a gas explosion, Kyle struggled to find the right time to tell Georgia but eventually, when he heard that she and Scotty were planning to elope the next day, he knew that he had to stop her. Scotty then walked in, just as Kyle was telling Georgia, and he couldn't deny it when he confronted her. Georgia ran out of the house, spending the night on Kate's sofa, and returned the next morning to find Scotty gone, with a note saying that he hoped that she could one day forgive him.

A couple of months later, Georgia was still struggling to move on with her life, with her doubts causing problems as she tried to begin a new relationship with Kyle. Realising that the situation had never been resolved, Kyle contacted Scotty and arranged for him to visit. Georgia was surprised to see him, and he finally opened up to her about his sexuality, explaining that he'd also come out to his friends and family in Birregurra, who was mostly been accepting of him. He also told Georgia that she was in no way to blame for anything that had happened and that she was a great girl, who he could have been happy with, if he were straight. The conversation proved to be exactly what Georgia needed, and she and Kyle got their relationship back on track.

Trivia Notes
In the credits of episode 6556, Scotty's surname was misspelt as Bowland
Scotty's nickname for Georgia was 'Goldie'

6550, 6555, 6556, 6589, 6590, 6593, 6594, 6598, 6599, 6602, 6605, 6644

Biography by Steve