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Griffin O'Donahue 2012
Siblings: Corey
Occupation: Musician

Lead singer of the band Red Cotton, Griffin and his bandmates were approached by Andrew Robinson, who wanted to manage them and re-start his Robinson Entertainment business. Andrew arranged an all-ages gig for them and, since she’d introduced Andrew to them in the first place, it was agreed that his 14-year-old cousin Sophie Ramsay could attend. There, Sophie met Griffin’s younger brother, Corey, and the pair immediately hit it off, with Sophie sharing her first kiss with him. But when Andrew found out who Corey was, he made sure that Sophie continued dating him, even when she had her doubts about how well-matched they were. When Sophie had finally had enough of Corey, she dumped him and explained that she’d only stayed with him because Andrew had asked her – and when Griffin found out, he was ready to dump Andrew as manager.

Andrew persuaded Griffin to give him another chance, and arranged to help them shoot their first music video in the corridors of Erinsborough High. When Sophie found out what was going on, she demanded to be involved, even talking Griffin into letting her help out. But as Sophie’s personal problems finally got too much for her, she finally lost her temper and started lashing out, destroying the school toilets in the process. With his footage gone, Andrew decided to try using the footage of Sophie, which had been uploaded onto YouTube by other students, as a backdrop the track. He managed to persuade Griffin that the raw emotion of the clip made them stand out from other bands, and Griffin agreed that Andrew could continue as Red Cotton’s manager.

A few weeks later, Griffin was growing frustrated as Andrew’s only progress was to use social networking to get Red Cotton’s music heard. He told him that they had someone else interested in managing them, and that they wanted to make progress on producing an actual album. Andrew decided that the first step was to try and get them a regular gig somewhere and, after having no luck at city venues, he approached Celeste McIntyre, the new manager of local Charlie’s bar, who agreed to give them a trial gig. Things only got more complicated when the band started demanding a bigger cut of the profits though – with Andrew forced to agree when, only minutes before the gig, they threatened to walk away. Relations only got worse between Andrew and Griffin when Griffin started dating Summer Hoyland, Andrew's ex-girlfriend. Though Summer was quickly falling for Griffin and thought she'd finally found the man of her dreams, Andrew was horrified to see Griffin setting off on a date with another girl, and, when confronted, he said that his relationship with Summer wasn't exclusive. Knowing that Summer would just see him as being her jealous ex if he said anything, Andrew lied to Griffin that Red Cotton were close to a record deal, and arranged to meet him at his place. Alone together, Andrew confronted Griffin, who continued to be unapologetic, so Andrew explained that he could no longer manage Red Cotton - and that he'd lied about the record deal.

Griffin went to see Summer, explaining that Andrew had lied to him about the record deal, though leaving out the rest of the details of their confrontation. Summer was horrified at her ex-boyfriend's petty behaviour, but it wasn't long before she saw Griffin's true colours for herself, when she spotted a text message from another girl on his phone. Griffin simply told her that she was clearly as closed-minded as Andrew, and their brief relationship was over. Only a few days later, Summer and Andrew heard that Red Cotton had a new manager and had finally got their record deal.