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Alistair O'Loughlin 2013
Parents: Brian and Janette O'Loughlin

When it was revealed that Erinsborough High principal Priya Kapoor had cheated on her husband, her daughter Rani found herself facing nasty comments from Alistair O'Loughlin at school. When an upset Rani made some hurtful comments about her mum on Facebook, she was alarmed to find that her comments and pictures from her page had been turned into a cruel Facebook group about the Kapoor family. Believing that it could be a way to win Rani's affections, her friend Callum managed to steal Alistair's phone and found that he had been the one who created the Facebook group, and so Alistair was suspended.

Things got more complicated when it was revealed that Alistair's father Brian, a member of the school board, had been sending lewd text messages to Priya, thinking that she'd be tempted into having an affair with him too. When a disgusted Priya turned him down, he went to the school board, claiming that she'd been harassing him and getting her suspended from her job as principal. This led to Alistair having to listen to his parents fighting and taking it out on Rani when he next saw her, claiming that her mother would jump into bed with any guy who asked, and that Rani was no better herself.

Four weeks later, Alistair returned to school. During his time away, there had been a great deal of change, as Priya had died following a gas explosion, and had been replaced with new principal Susan Kennedy. Alistair immediately wanted to talk to Rani, offer his sympathies and apologise for what his family had put her through. As the conversation went on, Rani became increasingly upset, before claiming that her mum wasn't really gone and running off, telling Alistair to leave her alone. This was witnessed by Rani's friends, who thought, given past incidents, that Alistair had deliberately tried to upset her, but as he explained the conversation to Susan, she realised that Rani was covering up just how difficult she was finding it to deal with her grief.

Trivia Notes
Alistair's first name was spelt as Alister in episode 6567, before changing for his later appearances

6567, 6573, 6586, 6592, 6612

Biography by Steve