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Brian O'Loughlin 2013
Marital Status: Janette
Children: Alistair

During a planning meeting for Erinsborough High's school board, at the beginning of the 2013 school year, there was a lot of tension between principal Priya Kapoor and board member Paul Robinson. Married Priya had had an affair with Paul for several weeks the year before, and was trying to repair her relationship with husband Ajay, leaving Paul feeling very bitter over the situation. During the meeting, he did his best to undermine Priya at every turn, commenting on the drop in student numbers, which had led to a drop in funding and the loss of one of the classrooms. Board member Brian became uncomfortable as Paul ripped into Priya over and over again, and made it clear that he was on her side, doing his best to back her up and offering his support to her as he left the room.

When Priya's angry daughter Rani put some hurtful comments about her mum on Facebook, it led to an anti-Kapoor Facebook group being set up, and soon after, Priya started receiving some lewd text messages from an anonymous number. After Rani's friend Callum stole his phone, it was discovered that Brian's son Alistair had been responsible for the Facebook group and he was suspended from school but it wasn't until later, when Brian came to see Priya about the matter, that she realised that he was the one who'd been sending the text messages. An unapologetic Brian said that he thought Priya was playing hard to get with him, as she'd been doing with Paul, and that she just enjoyed teasing men. Later, the Kapoors told Sergeant Matt Turner about what had been going on, and he warned Brian off, though he admitted to Priya and Ajay that it would be difficult to prove that Brian had been stalking her. Backed into a corner, Brian decided to turn the tables and made claims that Priya had been the one harassing him, getting her suspended from her job at the school pending a complete investigation.

A few days later, Priya learnt that she'd been fired, and realised that getting Brian to come clean was the only way to clear her name. However, when she met with him, he refused to feel guilty for what he'd done, but offered to come clean - if she would agree to spend the night with him. After speaking to Brian's wife Janette, Priya realised that this wasn't the first time he'd attempted sexual harassment on a female he'd worked with, and Priya's friend Susan decided to try and help. An unemployed journalist, Susan got a list of the women employed at Brian's company and started contacting them, trying to find someone who would speak out against him. She had little luck, but when Brian came to meet her, she told him about her story on sexual harassment in the work place, implying that she had several woman prepared to talk to her about him and that, if he didn't clear Priya's name, a prominent story would be appearing in the next day's paper. A triumphant Susan then left him to think about it, and a few hours later, word came through that Brian had resigned from the school board and had cleared Priya's name.

Trivia Notes
Brian's surname was initially spelt as O'Laughlan, before being changed to O'Loughlin for his later appearances

6558, 6587, 6591, 6595, 6596

Biography by Steve