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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Buffy Only Laura Gordon

Buffy [Denise] Only 2004
Occupation: Editor of Leichen Magazine

The editor of underground gay magazine Leichen, Buffy met Ramsay Street resident Sky Mangel and her friend, Lana Crawford, when they submitted their cartoon, Freak Girl and The Enigma. Buffy visited them for a feature on the cartoon’s creators and quickly assumed that they were partners in life as well as business. Lana later phoned her and put the record straight, only to find Buffy asking her out on a date. Lana felt slightly uncomfortable and thought she’d messed things up, but Buffy called again. This time, se spoke to Sky, who, out of jealousy as well as concern for Lana, tried to put Buffy off. Lana phoned Buffy back and they went out again, this time with Sky and her boyfriend, Boyd Hoyland, in tow. Buffy and Lana realised that they weren’t meant to be, but Buffy also picked up on the tension between Sky and Lana. As they went their separate ways, Buffy told Lana that she had to follow her heart and always be happy.

Biography by Steve



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