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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Sophie O'Shea Suzanne Brenchley

Sophie O'Shea 1999
Occupation: Marguerite Magazine Journalist

A journalist from Marguerite magazine, Sophie came to Ramsay Street to interview Karl Kennedy about his experiences being left in the bush by escaped criminal Russell Burgess. After a chat with him, she began to think that the story wasn’t really worth writing about, so decided to try and dig for a more personal story beneath it. Karl wasn’t willing to reveal any more details, but Sophie picked up on the marriage problems that the Kennedys had been having, so she went to Karl’s secretary, Pippa Layton, and managed to con her into talking. When the article was published, a few days later, it painted Karl as something of a ladies man, mentioning his history with Sarah and some of the details of his marital problems with Susan. Within a couple of weeks, Pippa could no longer cope with the guilt and confessd, while Karl learnt a lesson about never trusting a journalist.

Notes: Suzanne Brenchley previously guest-starred in 1992 as Gwen Burgess and in 1994 as both Beryl Lipcott and Bianca Lazarus.

Biography by Steve



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