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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Frank Romano Lliam Amor

Frank Romano 2005
Occupation: Driver, Bodyguard

Driver and bodyguard Frank Romano worked for the Cammeniti family for many years. When Cammeniti daughter Carmella found herself receiving unwanted attention from a stalker, Frank was assigned to keep a close eye on her. It seemed that his presence was warranted when the stalker then turned his attentions to Carmella’s boyfriend, Connor O’Neill, leaving the back steps wet, causing Connor to slip and fall. The following day, Frank attended a work meeting with the young couple, where Connor spotted the company accountant, Barry Dundas, looking shifty. When Carmella revealed that she’d recently turned down Barry’s offer of a date, this seemed to be enough proof and Frank had him arrested.

However, it wasn’t long before another mysterious accident befell Connor when the brake cables on his ute failed him. Luckily he escaped injury once again, and took the vehicle to Lou’s garage to be fixed. As he and Lou chatted, a blonde man sat and watched, before approaching Connor and knocking him out as he sat and waited for a bus. The man was revealed as Frank, wearing a wig, and he tied Connor up in an abandoned house, which was due for demolition. With Connor missing, Frank made sure that he was by Carmella’s side to comfort her, but as she hugged him, he couldn’t resist and the moment lasted a little longer than it should have. Carmella immediately realised who her stalker was, but tried to play along with his games. However, she soon became hysterical but was saved by local cop Stuart Parker who realised something was very wrong, despite having recently lost his sight.

Carmella was saved and Frank was arrested, but he still refused to say where he’d left Connor. As a local councillor, David Bishop was due to demolish the building where Connor was tied up, but luckily Connor managed to free himself and smash a window just in time to be detected. Soon after, Frank was granted bail, leaving Carmella worried about her safety. In the end, she decided that the only way to escape the memories was to leave town.

Notes: Lliam Amor previously played Adam Buxton, the prison officer when Lou went to jail, in 2004.

Biography by Steve



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