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Roxy 2002

Following an animal blessing ceremony conducted by Reverend Rosie Hoyland, Rosie’s grandson Boyd was surprised to find that a cage, containing a fox, had been left behind. Despite the laws about keeping pests as pets, Boyd decided to keep the fox, but was unable to hide her at the vicarage, since Rosie had a pet cat, so he hid her instead in Harold Bishop’s backyard on Ramsay Street. Harold was unhappy with the situation and told Boyd that the fox could only stay for a week, so Boyd and his sister, Summer, put up posters searching for the owner. They were surprised when the posters all disappeared, and a blanket with ‘Roxy’ written on it appeared in the fox’s cage, along with a note asking Boyd to look after her. A few days later, another note was left at Harold’s house, telling Boyd of a place to hide the fox, where nobody would find her.

After telling Harold that Roxy was being taken in by an animal shelter, Boyd took her to the new hiding place, in an old shed by the allotments. Soon after, Cecile Bliss, the younger sister of Ramsay Street resident Dee, approached Boyd in the Coffee Shop where he was reading an article about foxes. She warned him not to be so obvious and explained that she had found Roxy but her mum wouldn’t allow the animal anywhere near the house, so she’d left him at the church. When the pair of them went to see Roxy, they found that she was shivering and they realised that they needed to get her to a vet, but worried that she would instantly be put down. After being caught by Harold whilst trying to move Roxy again, they were forced to explain everything and he talked them into visiting vet Luke Shea. Luke explained that wild animals like foxes often picked up diseases and passed them to other animals and humans. When he mentioned putting Roxy down, Boyd and Cecile begged him to find another way and, after a few phone calls, he managed to get her granted clemency and a place at a local petting zoo.

Biography by Steve