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Julia Sanders 2007
Occupation: Personal Assistant

When Karl Kennedy went to work for the Vivex Pharmaceuticals company as a drug rep, it wasn't long before he discovered, with the help of his friend, vet Steve Parker, that some of the drugs were faulty. He reported this to company troubleshooter Christian Johnson, who thanked Karl and later explained that it had been narrowed down to three faulty batches in Victoria, but when Steve heard from mates in other states who had experienced the problem, Christian claimed that more tests had been done and further batches had been recalled. To thank them, Vivex gave Karl a company car and Steve a set of golf clubs, only fuelling their suspicions more. Karl, however, decided to remain in the job, hoping that he'd have more chance of finding evidence from the inside, but was surprised to arrive for work and find that he'd been promoted to Regional Director, completely with a fancy new office and his own personal assistant, Julia Sanders.

Having only been working on the executive floor for a couple of days, Karl was desperate to begin looking for evidence and, one night, believing that Julia had gone home, he started snooping in the production office, only for her to catch him. As Karl desperately tried to talk his way out of the situation, Julia told him that they should go somewhere else to talk about it, and, at Charlie's bar, she admitted that she had been having similar suspicions about the company. She told Karl that she would try to help him to gather evidence, but as he went to the bar for more drinks, her phone rang and she told the caller that she couldn't talk, as she was still with Karl. The next morning, Julia called at Karl's house with several documents, but admitted that they weren't really of much use, as they were available to the public. Julia's actions, however, succeeded in winning Karl's trust and, later that day, she explained to Christian that she'd won Karl over and they were ready to take the plan to the next level.

The following week, Karl was surprised when Christian suddenly put him in charge of a new initiative to send drugs to the third world. Karl then told Julia and Steve about his idea to break into the Vivex warehouse and get some solid proof. Julia tried to put him off the idea, but realising that he had made his mind up, she contacted Christian to warn him. Christian told her that he would provide a swipe card so they could get in, but she would have to keep Karl in the warehouse all night, so that they could upload files to Karl's computer, making it look like he'd been the mastermind of the entire substandard drug plot and was intending to ship the evidence off to Africa. At the warehouse, Karl found his proof, but Julia quietly pocketed the swipe card, then claimed that Karl must have dropped it, leaving the pair trapped together all night. The next morning, they were about to make their escape when a security guard stopped them. As he tried to call for back-up, Julia handed the swipe card to Karl and told him everything, insisting that he get back to the Vivex offices as quickly as possible. She then doubled up, pretending to be in pain, as Karl made his escape. Back at the offices, Karl was in the process of being arrested when Julia turned up and horrified Christian by announcing that Karl had been set up and she had the proof. Karl was then released, enormously grateful to Julia for finally doing the right thing.

Biography by Steve