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Christian Johnson 2007
Occupation: Vivex Trouble-shooter

When Karl Kennedy started work as a drug rep for the Vivex Pharmaceuticals company, it wasn't long before he discovered, thanks to his friend, Steve Parker, that some of the drugs were faulty, when vet Steve realised that the valium he’d given to the Kennedy dog, Audrey wasn’t working. Karl reported this to the company, who sent trouble-shooter Christian Johnson to talk to him. Christian thanked Karl for bringing the matter to their attention, and said that tests had been carried out and the problem had been narrowed down to three batches in Victoria. However, when Steve heard from friends in other areas of the country who had experienced the same problem, Christian claimed that more tests had been done and further batches had been recalled. Already suspicious that it was all a cover up, Karl and Steve were even more wary when they received a company car and set of golf clubs, respectively, as thank you gifts from Vivex. Karl, however, decided to remain in the job, hoping that, if he was on the inside, he’d have more chance of finding proof of corruption.

Vivex, meanwhile, had their own suspicions about Karl and decided to give him a promotion to the executive floor, and his own personal assistant Julia Sanders. Julia was there to keep an eye on Karl and report back any strange behaviour to her bosses, and it wasn’t long before she caught Karl snooping in the production office. She took him with her to local bar, Charlie’s, and explained that she too was concerned about illegal activity within the company and would help him to prove that Vivex were fully aware of the faulty drugs. But later, she met up with Christian and told him that Karl was indeed double crossing them, but she had managed to win his trust.

With Karl's suspicions still bubbling away, Christian decided to put him at the head of VivexAid, a project to send surplus stock to Africa. But later, Karl admitted to Julia that he was worried that this was actually a plan to get rid of the substandard drugs and he wanted to break into the warehouse and find some proof. Julia quickly called Christian to let him know what Karl was planning, but Christian offered to get her a swipe card and told her to somehow find a way to keep Karl in the warehouse all night, giving him a chance to upload files to Karl's computer, making him look like the one responsible for the dodgy drugs and the plan to get rid of them. Julia fulfilled her part of the deal, managing to hide the swipe card and keep Karl locked up all night, but as they tried to leave the next morning, they were collared by security. Feeling terrible about everything, Julia gave Karl the card and told him everything, urging him to get back to the offices before Christian had completed his plan. Back at the offices, Karl turned up, with Julia not far behind, and he was arrested, only for Julia to suddenly announce that Karl was innocent and she had proof that Christian had set up the whole thing.

Biography by Steve