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Gerard Singer 1987
Occupation: Artist

A respected artist, Gerard Singer became engaged to the considerably younger Rosemary Daniels whilst they were both living in America. When Rosemary’s mother, Helen, paid her daughter a visit, she and Gerard found that they had a great deal in common. Their attraction developed into an affair, and when Helen returned to Erinsborough, she admitted to those closest to her that she’d fallen in love, but refused to elaborate. Meanwhile, she and Gerard continued to exchange letters.

Some weeks later, Helen received a massive shock when Gerard came to Erinsborough, where he was holding an exhibition. Helen desperately tried to avoid being alone with him when he came to Ramsay Street, but he was desperate for her to share her true feelings. Their problems only increased when Rosemary arrived in town, excitedly planning her wedding. Gerard was unable to continue with the charade. He told Rosemary that the engagement was off and he was in love with someone else, before announcing that he would be returning to America. He phoned Helen that evening and she agreed to meet him for dinner. Afterwards, they shared one final kiss, but Helen knew that things had to end, for the sake of her relationship with her daughter. Helen then wrestled with her conscience over whether to tell Rosemary the truth. However, fate stepped in, as Rosemary found Helen’s letters from Gerard. Fortunately, mother and daughter managed to repair their relationship in the weeks that followed, before Rosemary departed for Paris.

Biography by Steve



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