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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Philip Smith Peter Flanigan

Dr. Philip Smith 2004
Occupation: Paediatrician at Erinsborough & District Hospital

Paediatrician Philip Smith shared an office with Dr. Jeremy Levi at Erinsborough Hospital, a situation which saw him caught up in a case of mistaken identity. One of Jeremy’s patients, Isabelle Hoyland, was having problems, thanks to her jealous boyfriend, Karl Kennedy. Karl had spotted Philip going into the same office that he’d seen Izzy coming out of, and he grew uncomfortable with his young, attractive partner spending so much time with her young, attractive psychiatrist. Izzy was confused for a while, until she spotted Philip changing the name plates on the office door. She decided to have some fun – telling Karl that Dr. Levi was taking her out to dinner. However, it backfired badly when Karl stormed off to the hospital to confront the man he believed to be Izzy’s psychiatrist. Izzy then arrived just in time to see Philip putting an embarrassed Karl straight. Luckily, he realised what an idiot he was being and the pair of them managed to laugh it off.

Biography by Steve



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