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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > William Smythe Gary Lantzsch

William Smythe 2005
Occupation: Barrister

Local barrister William Smythe found himself caught up in a case of mistaken identity when temporarily blind cop Stuart Parker overheard a man on the phone who he knew to be a local drug dealer. Unfortunately, the man walked away and William sat in his place, so when Stu’s girlfriend, Sindi Watts, came back and Stu told her to follow the man at the table behind him, she had them trailing the wrong person. As Smythe met a few of his clients, Sindi became convinced that they were buying drugs from him and Stu said that they would have to confront him. Stuart grabbed the man, who promptly dropped his case and Sindi saw his wig fall out and realised who he was. Fortunately, Smythe decided not to press charges when he found out the whole story, but it left Stuart’s self confidence lower than ever.

Trivia Notes
• Gary Lantzsch previously appeared in 2001 as Gavin Horne

Biography by Steve



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