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Adrian Snyder 2018

As it looked like Tyler Brennan was headed to prison for the murder of his father Hamish Roche, word got out into the local community, and Tyler was approached by a man named Adrian Snyder. Snyder explained that he was there on behalf of Philip Banks, an inmate who had heard about Tyler and would ensure that he had an easy time on his arrival at the prison, if he did something in return. Snyder told Tyler that Philip Banks was concerned that his wife Verity was being unfaithful, and he wanted Tyler to try to seduce her and see if she took the bait. Tyler was unsure, but after speaking to Gary Canning, who knew of Banks from his own time in prison, he turned down the deal.

Snyder then mentioned that this decision could have some unpleasant consequences, especially for Tyler's girlfriend Piper - and the mention of Piper's name forced Tyler to change his mind. After explaining the plan to a shocked Piper, Tyler was sent a photo of Verity, and he got chatting to her at The Waterhole. She invited him back to her room, but quickly revealed that she knew what he was doing, going on to explain that her husband was desperate to catch her doing something that would allow him to divorce her and keep all of the money. Verity did leave Tyler with some important information, however, when she told him that his brother Mark Brennan was the police office who'd sent Philip to prison, and the reason why Philip would be looking for revenge.

A few days later, Snyder returned to the garage where Tyler worked. As Tyler and Piper had gone to the Mornington Peninsula for a few days, Snyder spoke to Tyler's colleague Ben Kirk, telling him that he needed Tyler to get in touch, as he had another job for him. With Ben unsure about whether to pass the message on, Snyder became impatient, and soon Ben and his girlfriend Xanthe found Piper's cat Clementine lying in the street, having been poisoned. Tyler soon got to hear about what had happened, and he agreed to do another job, at which point Snyder arrived at the garage with a catering van, explaining that he needed Tyler to cut a hole in the bottom of it, big enough to hide a person as they smuggled them out of prison. Tyler agreed to go along with it, but when his other brother Aaron collapsed and was admitted to hospital, he was held up and Snyder was furious to return and find that the job hadn't been done. He started smashing up some of the glasses from the back of the van, and dumped the broken glass in the pool at the Brennan house, 24 Ramsay Street. Later that day, Ben cut his foot on the glass, and Tyler realised who was behind it, having tried and failed to get Snyder to give him another chance.

With the reality of a prison sentence - not to mention coming face to face with Philip Banks - closing in on him, Tyler joined Piper for a night in a hotel in the city, with his murder trial due to begin the next day. Piper suggested that they could do a runner and escape the whole problem, and Tyler agreed to go along with it. They were caught the next morning, and Tyler decided to plead guilty in hopes of receiving a shorter sentence or possibly avoiding jail time altogether. This backfired badly when the judge sentenced him to 20 years in prison and he was led away.

A couple of weeks later, as Banks was about to be released from solitary confinement, Aaron and Mark got in touch with Snyder, wanting to find out if there was anything they could do to protect Tyler. Though Mark was reluctant to do anything illegal, Aaron agreed, without Mark's knowledge, to complete the job that Tyler had been intended to do, adapting the catering van so it could be used to get Banks out of prison. When Ben found out what Aaron was about to do, he went to see Tyler, who'd been reluctant to be transferred to another prison. Tyler was horrified and quickly agreed to a transfer, leaving Aaron able to get out of helping Snyder, and the brothers then went to see Tyler before he was taken away to a new prison in Adelaide.

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Biography by Steve