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Character Profiles > Piper Willis Mavournee Hazel

Piper Willis 2015-2019
Lives: 22 Ramsay Street
Parents: Brad and Terese Willis
Siblings: Imogen, Joshua, Paige, Ned
Occupation: Student, Vlogger, Assistant at Fitzgerald Motors

The youngest child of Brad and Terese Willis, free-spirited and creative Piper was very different to her older siblings, sporty Josh and his twin sister, the studious and organised Imogen. Having spent a couple of years on a student exchange programme in Canada, Piper returned to Australia and to her new home in Erinsborough, her family having moved there during her time away. As well as adjusting to her new surroundings, Piper also had to get used to having another older half-sibling, Paige, the result of Brad's relationship with Lauren Turner 20 years earlier, and a daughter he'd only learnt about the year before. There'd been other, more recent, changes in the Willis household, as Brad and Terese had split up following Brad's one-night stand with Lauren, and Piper found herself walking in on an argument as soon as she set foot in her new Ramsay Street home.

Despite all of the tension, Piper found herself liking Lauren when they met and, unlike Josh and Imogen, she tried not to take sides in the whole issue, offering support to both of her parents. Instead, she focussed her attention on her vlog, Pipe Up, something she'd started back in Canada as a school project. Having met a man named Ron on the flight to Melbourne, who had then helped her out by sharing a taxi, she decided to figure out if everyone in Erinsborough was as nice as him, and it was then that she met Lauren, not realising who she was, who helped her out by giving her a travel card and advice on how to get into the city. Piper then stepped things up a gear by pretending to collapse by Fitgerald Motors garage, where she was found by Ben Kirk and Tyler Brennan, who were about to call an ambulance until she stopped them and explained. She quickly hit it off with fellow teenager Ben, and as the pair got chatting, he helped her to come up with another idea to test the kindness of strangers - after taking Tyler's dirt bike from the garage, they set it up by the side of the road, pretending to have had an accident, and waiting to see if anyone would stop. However, their fun was cut short by Brad, who came along and pointed out how stupid their actions were.

As Ben returned home to Ballarat, Piper was stuck with only her warring family for company, and Imogen quickly realised that her little sister had changed a lot in her time away. Having once been very close, Piper and Imogen now found themselves struggling to get along, with Piper refusing to put up with her sister's bossiness and advising her that she and boyfriend Daniel weren't suited to each other. When Daniel visited Piper and explained that Imogen had had struggles over her own during her sister's time away, including a battle with bulimia, Piper made up with Imogen, and the siblings all did their best to support each other through their parents' break-up. Terese then announced that she'd been offered an apartment at Lassiter's, and they'd all be moving out of Ramsay Street, but she quickly changed her mind when she found out that Brad was leaving his terrible motel and would be staying at the Turner house until he found something else. Determined that Brad and Lauren weren't going to have an easy time of it, Terese decided that she and the kids would be staying on Ramsay Street, and Imogen made Piper and Josh agree that they wouldn't go over to number 32 to visit their dad.

However, when Terese, Josh and Imogen went down the lake one afternoon, Piper announced that she didn't want to go, and Imogen was later horrified when she went to the Turner house to give her dad his dry cleaning, and she found Piper there. Imogen accused her sister of being a traitor, but Piper pointed out that she still wanted to see her dad, and that the Turner house was where she'd find him at the moment. When Terese found out what had happened, she appreciated her kids' support, but told them that they could go and visit their dad whenever they wanted, and she wouldn't mind. Doing her best to remain neutral, Piper then went to a dinner at number 32, arranged by Paige, though none of the other Turner or Willis kids turned up.

Having always felt like the black sheep of the family, Piper's issues were only worsening following her parents' split. They decided to try and help by having a family dinner, where they gave her the 'Piper Jar', which contained pieces of paper on which family members had written about important things that had happened during her absence. Though touched at first, Piper struggled as they all reminisced about the things she'd missed and later that night, alone with the jar, she deliberately dropped and smashed it. Though Piper claimed that it was an accident, Terese realised that it was a cry for help, and she and Brad tried to get through to their daughter, who admitted that it was difficult to hear them all joking and laughing about the good times, when she'd been brought home from Canada just in time to see the family implode. Brad and Terese insisted that none of it had been intentional, and promised to make more of an effort with her. When Ben then returned for another visit, Piper was pleased to see him, and glad that he seemed to be in a better mood than last time. However, when she started snooping on his social media, she found out that he had started spending time with his ex-girlfriend, Emma, again. As Emma had caused Ben a lot of pain by sharing some naked selfies he'd sent to her, Piper was horrified that he'd give her a second chance, angrily warning him that he was making a huge mistake.

It seemed that, following their argument, Piper and Ben had talked things through, as they later made it out of the building together when a huge fire broke out. It was a number of weeks, however, before Ben owned up to being the one who started the fire, explaining that he'd been trying to set off the smoke alarm. It wasn't long before Piper confessed her involvement too, unable to cope with what she'd done, particularly as the fire had left her mum with some bad burns on her shoulder. Convinced that they were facing time in juvenile detention, and that their families didn't need the stress, Ben and Piper decided that the best option was to run away. They ended up in Ballarat, hopeful that they could make enough money from fruit-picking to get to Sydney, but it quickly became clear that something was very wrong with Ben. He admitted to Piper that he'd been hit by a car a couple of days earlier, cracking a couple of ribs in the process. Without his medication, he health took a turn for the worse and, with Piper out picking fruit for the afternoon, he collapsed in pain in their hotel room. It wasn't long before the adults arrived and Ben was taken to hospital, then back home to face his mum. Piper, meanwhile, was lucky to avoid a court appearance, but her parents made sure that she would still realise the severity of what she'd done by giving her a digital ban.

Unable to vlog, a bored Piper soon found something to occupy her by helping out with the bookkeeping at Fitzgerald Motors, having struck up a friendship with her neighbour, and garage manager, Tyler. As their friendship grew stronger, it became clear that she was developing feelings for him, but the older Tyler was left confused about how he felt about 16-year-old Piper. Her crush only deepened when she found out that Tyler and Imogen had briefly dated, and matters grew even more complicated when Piper and Tyler kissed. It wasn't long before Terese found out what had happened and she stopped Piper from working at the garage. Tyler quickly realised his mistake and moved on by dating Courtney Grixti, leaving Piper heartbroken. In an attempt to split them up, Piper posted a video on her blog, with Courtney deep in conversation, and sharing a hug, with counsellor Tim, suggesting that he was having an affair with her. After learning that Courtney was actually Tim's daughter, Piper looked like she was going to face legal action, but Courtney realised that Piper was just a confused teenager with a crush on Tyler, and agreed that a public apology would suffice. Tyler, however, wasn't as forgiving, and told Piper that he never wanted to speak to her again.

Trivia Notes
Piper was mentioned on-screen numerous times in the two and a half years before she finally appeared, including episode 6646, the first appearance of her family
Piper's on-screen debut was accompanied by a series of webisodes, Hey Piper, in which she catches up with various family members by video chat, ahead of her return to Australia

Magic Moments
Episode 7213: Piper's Arrival


Biography by Steve