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Brent Styles 2004
Occupation: Jazz Club Owner

Owner of a local jazz bar, Brent Styles took an immediate shine to recently-separated Susan Kennedy when she was dragged along to the venue by her friends, Lyn Scully and Liljana Bishop, and, after Brent drove Susan home, the women decided to return to the bar. On the same evening, Susan’s husband, Karl, was about to perform a gig at the bar when he spotted the three women come in, and lied to Brent that he had to leave and deal with a medical emergency. Brent, meanwhile, took the opportunity to spend some time with Susan and her friends. A few days later, Susan was surprised when Brent rang her up and asked her out, but, after thinking it over, she agreed. When the night of the date finally came, a nervous Susan almost phoned up and cancelled, but eventually decided to go, as long as they could just go to the local pub, where she’d be more comfortable.

That idea soon came unstuck when most of the locals, including Karl, turned up for a quiz night. Brett and Susan decided to stay and form a team of their own, though as the evening progressed, Karl struggled to cope as he watched Susan having fun with another man. Things only got worse for Karl when Susan and Brent won the quiz and a voucher for dinner at Lassiter’s restaurant. And, as Susan finally relaxed in his company, Brent ended up staying the night at her house – in the spare bed - much to the surprise of Lyn and Lil, who saw him outside the house bringing in the newspaper the next morning. Although it seemed as though everything was perfect for Susan and Brent, the relationship soon fizzled out as Susan struggled with her feelings for Karl and their divorce went ahead.

Trivia Notes
• Paul Upchurch previously appeared as George Sanderson in 1992

Biography by Steve



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