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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Andy Tanner Craig Beamer

Andy Tanner 2005
Marital Status: Sandy

When he realised that he needed to change something in his life, Andy Tanner enlisted the help of life coach Lyn Scully. The problem was that Andy then realised that the aspect he wanted to change was his marriage and he began to develop feelings for Lyn. Although Lyn was reluctant to get involved with a client, especially when his wife, Sandy, slapped her in the middle of the salon, she started to share his feelings.

At first, Lyn attempted to keep her relationship with Andy a secret from her friends and family, particularly since he was the first man she’d been involved with following the breakdown of her marriage. However, things appeared to be out of her hands when Sandy returned and spray-painted ‘Lyn Scully Marriage Wrecker’ onto Ramsay Street. Following her daughter Steph’s acceptance of the relationship, Lyn realised that life was too short to worry about other people and Andy was thrilled when things became more public. As Andy got to know Lyn’s baby son, Oscar, he mentioned to Lyn that he and Sandy had never had children of their own. However, later that day, Sandy turned up in Ramsay Street with their two children in tow, and Lyn realised that she’d been lied to. After talking things over with her friends, she came to the decision that she couldn’t be with a man who would deceive her about such an important part of his life, so she ended the relationship, leaving Andy devastated.

Biography by Steve



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