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Beth Travers 1986

When Clive Gibbons and Shane Ramsay both became unemployed due to the strange events of Des and Daphne’s first wedding day, they decided to go into business together. Using Shane’s brawn, and gardening contacts, and Clive’s business prowess, they formed R.A.G.G.S (Ramsay and Gibbons Gardening Services). Their first client was a wealthy and glamorous woman named Beth Travers, who had recently divorced her husband. Although both Clive and Shane were interested in Beth, she made it very clear that she only had eyes for Mr. Ramsay.

After one date, Beth was smitten with Shane, and began showering him with gifts, including flowers and an expensive watch. Shane became increasingly uncomfortable about this, and after some advice from a jealous Clive, he decided that he should stop mixing business with pleasure. However, Beth failed to get the point, and Shane begged Clive to speak to her. In the end, Clive had to tell her that Shane was engaged to Daphne Lawrence, and couldn’t continue the relationship. Beth was horrified and stopped speaking to Shane, before thinking better of it. However, when she went to the Ramsay house to deliver a wedding gift for the happy couple, Shane’s father, Max, couldn’t resist sticking his oar in, and told Beth that she’d been conned.

When Beth found this out, she made it clear that she wanted to continue seeing Shane, but he said that he would rather keep business separate from pleasure. She then told him that in that case, he was sacked. When he continued to tell her that he didn’t want a relationship, she agreed to keep Clive and Shane on to finish the job, and acted like nothing had happened. On their last day, Clive was called away suddenly by his friend Mike Young, and so Beth took advantage of having Shane alone. She asked him to help her move some things into her wine cellar. As soon as he was inside, she closed the door, which he was unable to open. She told him that if she was unable to have him, then nobody could. When Clive returned, Beth told him that Shane had finished up and gone home, then she went to make some lunch.

When Beth returned to Shane with some food, he realised that he had to take his chance to escape. He tried to hide behind the door and attack her, but she was too quick for him and she suddenly slammed the door, leaving them both locked inside. As Shane started to eat the sandwich, Beth acted as though he shouldn’t and he started to realise that she had serious problems. However, as time went on, they began to chat, and she apologised for her behaviour, admitting that she had become incredibly lonely since her husband left. She told Shane that there was nothing wrong with the sandwiches, before apologising and giving him the key from her pocket. He accepted her apology and agreed not to tell anyone else about the incident.

Biography by Steve



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