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Sally Upton 1998-1999
Occupation: Student, Radio Station Assistant

After spending a long time working as an assistant at UniFM radio station with Toadie Rebecchi, Sally was very pleased to meet Toadie's housemate, Joel Samuels. Sally was very forthright and slightly unorthodox, she drove around Erinsborough in a green VW Beetle.

As he started seeing Sally, Joel didn't realise what he was letting himself in for. She was certainly a lot more outgoing than his previous girlfriends and wasn't very good at hiding her feelings, especially when she suspected that Joel had feelings for Libby, after seeing how close they were. The couple also had a huge falling-out over the situation between Libby and Sarah. As Sally had made a good friend in Sarah, she found it difficult to understand the bad feelings that still lingered with Sarah and the Kennedy family. Joel, however, had sympathy for Libby, which only made matters worse. However, Sally was still very bitter about the death of her mother and was finding it difficult to deal with, especially as the anniversary arrived and her feelings over Joel, Libby and her mother finally boiled over. After refusing to talk to Joel about her mother and rejecting his attempts to be sympathetic, Sally decided to end her relationship with him, with very little resolved between the pair.

A couple of weeks later, Sally bumped into Drew at the pub and they agreed to go and see a movie together, after he had fixed the fridge at Number 30. When he went home to change, she waited downstairs, but burst in as he was changing and attempted to kiss him. He was horrified as Joel was his best mate and the situation would make things extremely awkward. After Joel's accident in the river, Sally and Drew found things awkward, particularly as Joel seemed to think Sally was still interested in him. She tried to play along, worried that she might cause problems with his recovery otherwise. She was, however, unable to go through with the charade and told Joel that she couldn't go on seeing him, before leaving his life forever.

Trivia Notes
Sally Davis previously made a guest appearance as Alison Nova earlier in 1998
The green VW Beetle that Sally used to drive was owned by Libby Kennedy
During her early days on the show, as a guest character with few lines, Sally was referred to as Joy by her colleagues at the radio station, but still named as Sally in the credits


Biography by Steve