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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Gabrielle Walker Linda Hartley-Clark

Gabrielle [Gabby] Walker 2005
Occupation: General Store Assistant

Whilst interviewing prospective employees at the General Store one morning, Harold Bishop was left speechless when a young woman named Gabrielle Walker came through the door. After an interview in which Harold was completely distracted, he was forced to apologise, explaining that she reminded him of someone he used to know. Harold put his feelings aside however, and realised that she was perfect for the job. When Lou then saw Gabby, he was equally stunned and, after Harold accidentally called her ‘Kerry’, he was forced to explain. Gabby was a little surprised to find out that she was a dead ringer for Harold’s dead daughter, Kerry, but he assured her that it wouldn’t become an issue for them. In turn, Gabby told Harold about her past, explaining that she had recently moved to the city from Shepparton, where her mother had died after a long illness. She revealed that she intended to work long enough to get the money for a ticket to Darwin, where she hoped to be reunited with her estranger father.

However, soon after, Gabby was in the Scarlet Bar with Harold, trying to come up with a plan to prevent Ramsay Street being acquired by the council, due to the rising water table in the area. During their conversation, Harold’s son, David walked in with his wife, Liljana. Both were astonished to meet Gabby and their reactions made her realise that it was too awkward for her, so she quit her job and left. In the days that followed, Harold struggled to put her out of his mind, so he visited her at her bedsit in the city. Realising how lonely she was, Harold offered to take Gabby out for dinner and even offered her a loan so that she could go to Darwin. As the evening progressed, Harold began to confide about his fears for his family, as David and Liljana were having serious marital problems. Whilst comforting Harold, Gabby leaned in and kissed him. Harold was left astounded and quickly walked out, but returned later in the evening with a photo of Kerry. At first, Gabby thought it was a photo of herself, and this made her realise how difficult and confusing things must have become for Harold.

Having cleared the air, Harold and Gabby’s friendship grew stronger and she helped him to come to terms with his feelings for David, who was being charged with fraud. Although Harold was beginning to doubt his own son, Gabby made him see sense and reunited the family. Her kindness made Harold want to repay the favour, and he offered her the money for a ticket to fly to Darwin. However, by that stage, Gabby was wondering whether she wanted to leave behind the wonderful friend and father figure she’d found in Erinsborough. Things came to a head when Sky, Harold’s granddaughter and Kerry’s daughter, walked into the General Store one day to be confronted with the spitting image of her mum. Sky was thrilled and began to feel like she’d been given a second chance to get to know Kerry, but this made things very awkward for Gabby, who didn’t even know the girl. In the end, Harold and Gabby decided that it would be for the best if Gabby left for Darwin as soon as possible.

Notes: Linda Hartley previously guest-starred in 1985 as Gloria Slater, before playing the regular character of Kerry Bishop from 1989-1990.

Biography by Steve



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