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Kelly Weaver 2005

As best friend to Sindi Watts since their days at Bates High School, Kelly Weaver often found herself competing for attention, both with boys and at play auditions. One night, the pair were out partying when a tipsy Kelly fell down a flight of stairs, banging her neck and leaving her in a wheelchair. Rumours circulated around the school that Sindi had pushed her and, before long, Sindi was a complete outcast. In the years that followed, Sindi made regular visits to Kelly at the Erinsborough Hospice, but kept it a secret from her new friends, for fear that they too would abandon her. When Sindi’s boyfriend, Stuart Parker, found out about Kelly’s existence, he managed to track her down, but ended up feeling guilty for not having trusted his girlfriend in the first place.

A few weeks later, following her engagement to Stu, Sindi paid Kelly a visit to report on the latest developments in her life. However, Sindi’s version of events was slightly exaggerated, and the lies continued into other areas of her life, as she embellished Stuart’s job and the fact that they’d soon be buying a home of their own in Eden Hills. Stuart learnt of his fiancee’s lies when he went to pick her up from the hospice a few hours later, finding that she’d already gone. However, when he confronted Sindi, she explained that she always made up exciting stories for Kelly, to help her to forget about her own life and to cheer her up. Stuart believed her explanation and plans for the wedding continued. It finally took place a few weeks later, with Kelly as bridesmaid. Although she was worried that being wheeled up the aisle would spoil the big day, Sindi assured her that having her best friend there could only make the day more special. Shortly after the wedding, it emerged that Kelly’s fall might not have been an accident after all, as Sindi’s lies and strange behaviour built towards her being committed to a psychiatric hospital. It was revealed that Sindi had suffered from Acute Paranoid Delusions, with a tendency toward violent behaviour, as a teenager and that recent events had caused the condition to return.

Biography by Steve



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