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Archie Whitehead 2001
Occupation: Partner in Stewart, Whitehead & Moore Law Firm

One of three partners in the prestigious law firm Stewart, Whitehead and Moore, Archie Whitehead took on law graduate Jarrod ‘Toadfish’ Rebecchi for an internship with the company, after he had completed his articles with them. Though delighted to be taken on, Toadie struggled to keep up during various social events and dinner parties, and found himself out of his depth in conversation with Archie and lawyer Tim Collins. Shortly afterwards, Toadie began his internship and met Archie again, though the senior partner failed to remember him and, even after realising who he was, was unimpressed to see Toadie handling confidential documents. Archie’s mistrust then seemed to be proven when Toadie ended up accidentally shredding the wrong set of case files, destroying some important documents in the process, though the mistake was actually Tim’s, and Toadie was left to take the rap.

During a champagne function at Stewart, Whitehead and Moore, Archie again forgot Toadie’s name, and later, Toadie overheard some of the guests discussing the imminent crash of Reinholdt Insurance. Knowing that some of his friends were clients of the company, Toadie struggled with his conscience, but Tim warned him not to say anything as the information needed to be protected, and Stewart, Whitehead and Moore had a reputation to uphold. Meanwhile, Toadie managed to offend Archie by joking about a man who’d fallen asleep, laughing that he was drunk. Archie pointed out that the man was his best friend, but later changed his tune, explaining that his friend was ‘ill’ and had been sent home, so it was lucky that Toadie noticed. A few weeks later, another champagne reception was thrown, to welcome the new interns and Toadie went along with best friend Dee Bliss, to find out if he’d been accepted for the coming year. Having finally had enough of covering up secrets and Tim’s mistakes, Toadie announced to the gathered businessmen and people of influence that he never wanted to become the type of lawyer that worked for the morally bankrupt Stewart, Whitehead and Moore.

Biography by Steve