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Dame Margaret Woolstead 2001
Occupation: Opera Singer

After finding out that elusive opera singer Dame Margaret Woolstead was staying in the neighbouring suburb of Eden Hills, journalist Libby Kennedy was determined to score an interview with her, in the hope that it would be her big break into a national newspaper. However, finding Dame Margaret proved difficult and, even when she popped into the Coffee Shop and owner Harold Bishop recognised her, he phoned Libby but it was too late and the reclusive singer was gone. After receiving Harold’s help, Libby compiled some questions anyway and decided to keep phoning her, badgering her for an interview until she gave in. After a while, Dame Margaret left a message on Libby’s voicemail asking her to get in touch. Rather than calling, Libby decided to head over to her house. She then waited for the gardener, Jake Greeves, to open the gates and ran in. After ringing the doorbell, Libby was disappointed when Dame Margaret answered and explained that she had only contacted Libby to ask her to stop calling and wouldn’t be giving her an interview.

Just as Dame Margaret was about to slam the door, the pregnant Libby doubled up in pain. Although she thought it was simply a scam, when Libby cried out that she was losing her baby, Dame Margaret rushed to call for an ambulance and took the young girl inside to wait with her. As a fearful Libby worried about losing her miracle baby, Dame Margaret offered to give her the interview, as a way of taking her mind off the worry. Libby then asked her several questions about her favourite stage role and whether she ate chocolate before a performance, but Dame Margaret then reminded her of the most important question – why hadn’t she given an interview in over 20 years? Dame Margaret explained that most journalists where liars and she preferred not to be quoted at all than to be misquoted. She also gave Libby the exclusive that she was about to announce her retirement, just before the ambulance arrived. At the hospital the next day, after Libby had been given the all clear, Dame Margaret arrived with chocolates and flowers and told Libby that they had an interview to complete.

Biography by Steve



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