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Neighbourhood > Actor Profiles > Dichen Lachman

Dichen Lachman
Played: Katya Kinski
Appeared: 2005-2007

Born 22 February 1982 in Kathmandu, Nepal, Dichen Lachman grew up there before emigrating with her family to Adelaide, Australia, at the age of 7. The daughter of a travel agent and a police detective, after attending school and university in Adelaide, Dichen was accepted into the Lynette Sheldon Actors Studio in Sydney. She then went on to play the minor role of Beth-Ann in the film Aquamarine alongside actors including Claudia Karvan and Shaun Micallef.

In mid-2005, she auditioned for the role of new Neighbours character Elle Robinson, but it was felt that her look was not right for the part and it went to Pippa Black. Dichen managed to impress with her audition, however, and it was decided that the role of Katya Kinski, the long-lost eldest daughter of Ramsay Streetís newest family, would be created for her. Although only intended as a guest character, Katya went on to spend over a year in the show, before the character was written out in early 2007.

Following her departure, Dichen made a new base in Los Angeles, hoping to break into Hollywood and continue her acting career there.

Perfect Blend Interview (2007)

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