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Holly Valance
Played: Felicity Scully
Appeared: 1999-2002

Born Holly Rachel Vukadinovic on May 11th 1983, Holly was born and raised in her native Australia. Daughter to a British born mother, and Serbian father, Holly seemed destined for the limelight from an early age, following in her mother's footsteps and becoming at model at just 12 years old.

But it wasn't until at the age of 16 and she won the role as stunning school girl Felicity "Flick" Scully on Neighbours, that Holly made her big break. Joining the show in 1999, the Scully family quickly became a fan favourite and Holly herself - now known by stage name Holly Valance, became a rising starlet, winning the audiences over with her various love conquests, sisterly squabbles and her natural beauty.

Leaving the show after three years in 2002, Holly became the latest in the long line of Neighbours stars to launch a singing career. Her first single Kiss Kiss, became an instant radio hit. Accompanied by a racy video, the song raced to Number 1 in both her homeland and in the UK. Followed a further two singles Down Boy and Naughty Girl, both of which achieved similar success, her debut album Footprints, released in October 2002. It was certified Gold, in both countries. It also achieved similar success in Japan, once again certified Gold. In the same year, Valance was nominated for 4 ARIA awards.

Her second album State Of Mind, succeeded the single of the same title. Although the song achieved success, the album itself failed to live up to the success of her debut. Sadly, the album was a disappointment in terms of sales in both music makets. It did however, achieve success once more in Japan, achieving Gold cerification. To date, Holly continues to be involved in music, collaborating with Har Mar Superstar in 2004, and in 2006, reportedly collaborating with Madonna on a track, intended for on a music comeback.

In 2004, Valance turned her attention back to acting, following a move to Los Angeles. It didn't take long for Holly to soon start making a string of appearences in popular tv shows such as CSI: Miami and Entourage, and later CSI: NY also. In 2005, Holly made a guest appearence in tv hit Prison Break as Nika Volek, during its first season, a role which she continued to play recurringly into the show's second season in 2006. In the latter half of 2006, Valance made her big screen debut in DOA: Dead or Alive, based on the videogame of the same name.

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