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Felicity 'Flick' Jane Scully 1999-2002, 2005, 2022
Lived: 26, 30 Ramsay Street, Libby and Drew's flat
Born: 1983
Parents: Joe and Lyn Scully
Siblings: Stephanie, Jack, Michelle and Oscar
Family Tree: Scully
Occupation: Student, Grease Monkeys Assistant, Populare Grappa Salesperson, The Coffee Shop Assistant, A Good Hair Day Salon Assistant, Lassiter's Hotel Staff

Upon her arrival in Ramsay Street with her family, Flick Scully was full of ideals. Her father believed she was more interested in saving the world than dating boys, but that couldn't have been further from the truth. As soon as she arrived in the street, she set her sights on Bill Kennedy. She attempted to grab his attention in any way possible - even talking her father into letting Bill build a new kitchen table after the fire that destroyed their old one.

Meanwhile, Flick had caught the attention of two of her neighbours, Paul McClain and Tad Reeves. Paul, in particular, was smitten and attempted to use Flick's younger sister Michelle to find out more. Unfortunately for Paul, Flick only ever had eyes for the older men. Once Bill had moved out of the street, Flick started causing problems for her parents. As a practical joke, she led Paul to believe that her father was cruel to her, while she crept out to a club with Tad, only to be sprung when the club phoned Lyn to say they’d found Flick’s bag.

Already in hot water at home, Flick only made things worse when she started seeing an older boy, Sean Edwards. In order to keep the relationship a secret from her parents, she only told Tad and he ended up pretending to be Flick’s boyfriend as a cover story. When Joe caught Tad kissing his real girlfriend, Simone, it led to Tad having to pretend he’d been two-timing Flick. Flick had also been teaching Tad how to kiss properly, so when Paul returned home to find them in each other’s arms, he was shocked, until he heard the real story behind it all. Meanwhile, Flick’s relationship with her father was deteriorating more and more with each lie she told. When Joe picked up Flick and Sean in his cab one day, their secret was uncovered. Flick was furious with her father’s attitude, as he told Felicity to end the relationship. However, Lyn convinced her husband to give Sean a go and so he was invited to dinner. Flick was pleasantly surprised when, despite Joe’s surly attitude, things didn’t go badly and her parents seemed to accept her relationship with the older boy.

Unfortunately, when Flick was home sick from school one day, Sean arrived to spend some time with her. Although Flick was worried that she’d be caught and it would look like she’d arranged the whole thing, she asked Sean to join her. When Lyn came home unexpectedly, Flick managed to hide her boyfriend in the bathroom, but they weren’t so lucky when Joe came home that afternoon. Sean was already half-naked and in the spa when Joe arrived, but was forced to sneak out of Flick’s window. Unfortunately, Joe heard him in the back yard and caught him sneaking over the fence. Joe announced that this was the end of Flick and Sean’s relationship and so, a disgusted Flick decided to run away. Just as Flick was about to board the bus and leave, Joe arrived at the station and they agreed to try and get along. Meanwhile, when it became clear that Sean held his mates in higher regard than her, she ended the relationship.

Flick’s next crush was the local postman, Pete Redman. She tried everything she could think of to impress this much older man, and was thrilled when he agreed to a date. Unfortunately, it was all a joke by Paul and Tad, in order to teach Flick a lesson, but it did nothing to dampen her spirits. When she found out that Pete was coaching the girls’ soccer team, she turned up at training dressed to impress, but all of her effort seemed to make little headway. She clinged on to any hope she could, so when Pete told her what a promising soccer player she could be, she decided it was her cue to ask him out. Just as she was about to talk to him, however, in the pub, she got a very nasty surprise when his wife, Gabriel, arrived for dinner. Flick was left devastated by her humiliation, though it did lead to a heart-to-heart with Joe and they became a little closer as father and daughter.

When Lance Wilkinson was forced to do bizarre labours to prove his love for new girlfriend Allana, it led to Flick developing feelings for one of her neighbours. During filming of a sci-fi home movie, Flick and Joel were forced to kiss each other. While it was just a bit of fun for Joel, Flick was moved by the kiss and quickly developed another crush. Flick was delighted when Joel agreed to go with her to the debutante ball and decided that this time, she would tell her father from the beginning. When Michelle bought Flick some classy lingerie as a gift for the ball, Joe mistakenly thought it came from Joel and put an end to the relationship. When he found out the truth, he apologised, but was still uncomfortable with the situation and decided that his daughter would only be going with Joel as friends.

As the big night got closer, Joel’s feelings for Flick were beginning to develop into more than friendship. As the deb ball arrived, the couple wowed everyone and ended up spending all night chatting to each other and then sharing a kiss. Flick decided that she wanted Joel as her boyfriend and went all out to win him over, despite Joe having forbade them to see each other. After several weeks of dating in secret, the couple decided that they would have to tell her father the truth. His reaction wasn’t good and he told them that their relationship would have to end. They decided to carry on seeing each other in secret, but make Joe believe that they had listened to his advice and actually no longer liked each other.

With Michelle and Tad in on the little secret, Joel and Flick began to have more and more near misses, where Joe almost caught them together. When they decided to help Harold out with the Salvation Army fashion show, it gave them a chance to spend more time together. Then, when Flick began to receive mysterious love notes, she believed that they were from Joel, so when one of them asked for her to meet up in an old boat shed, she went along. However, the notes were, infact, from Colin Rogers, a boy from school who was in love with Flick and had even made a home-made bomb and set it off at school to impress her.

Joel and Flick’s weeks of sneaking around finally came to an end one evening when Joe helped Joel out with his car, that wasn’t starting. Joel had been preparing to meet up with Flick, and with Joe’s help, he set off. Having met up at Grease Monkey’s, the car broke down once again, so the couple decided to just make the best of the situation and started making out behind the building. When Joe was passing in his cab, he noticed Joel’s broken down car and stopped to help, just in time to catch out his daughter. The ensuing argument led to Joe pushing Joel, hurting his shoulder and Flick announcing that she wouldn’t be going home. At number 30 that evening, Lyn and Joe tried to reason with their daughter, but she insisted that she would be staying with Joel until her father calmed down.

The following day, Flick returned home and told her father that she would move back, but only on her terms. Joe was horrified and told her that as long as she was living under his roof, she’d live by his rules. Flick announced that she would move out and live at number 30. This development was a little too sudden and a bit too big of a step for Joel, however, and he decided to put some distance between them by attending the wedding of his best mate, Mal Kennedy, in London. Flick was forced to move back home, but was annoyed when Joe allowed Steph’s former jailbird boyfriend, Woody, to stay at number 26. Meanwhile, Flick began a tentative relationship with skater, Luke Dawson in Joel’s absence. When Joel came back, he announced that he’d met a British traveller called Simone. But Flick and Joel knew that they were meant to be together and decided to give things another go. Realising that her father would never accept them as a couple, they fled Ramsay Street, but only coped for a few days before coming back.

Flick returned to stay at number 30. However, the hostility of Joel’s housemates, Dee and Toadie, along with Flick’s general lack of domestic skills, proved to be a couple of huge problems. When Lyn called over one day, she found Flick trying to use paint to cover some scratches she’d made on the oven. When the family realised how unhappy and lonely Flick had become, Joe called in on her at number 30 and they had a chat about their feelings. She apologised for the lack of respect she’d shown her parents, while Joe admitted that he’d try to treat his girl like more of an adult in the future. The problems between Flick and Joel had pushed him back towards his ex-girlfriend, Dee, and Joel had begun to see how immature and spoilt Flick actually was. After a jealous outburst about Dee on her 18th birthday, Flick was horrified as Joel ended things between them, and, despite her pleas, refused to give it another try.

When Tad, Paul and Flick went on school camp, Tad took along a bottle of whiskey to impress Monique. As the evening wore on, the gang got a little worse for wear, but when Tad was bitten by a scorpion, everyone just put his behaviour down to the alcohol. Everyone quickly sobered up as they realised that Tad was seriously ill and he was airlifted to hospital. However, before lapsing into unconsciousness, he revealed to Flick that he had always had a crush on her. Despite his attempts to brush it off once he’s recovered, Flick began to see Tad in a new light after this. Nobody could quite believe it when Flick and Tad became a couple, but they were determined to prove everyone wrong. However, after only a few short weeks, and a disastrous night in a hotel where neither of them could quite face sleeping with their best friend, they ended things.

Meanwhile, someone else had been developing a keen interest in Flick over a number of months. When Matt Hancock landed a new job doing Elvis impersonations, he was helped along with his routine by Flick. However, Matt’s nerves meant that he could barely stand on the stage alone, let alone sing, so he roped in Flick to help him by playing Priscilla. All it took was one hug from Flick to reassure Matt and he’d fallen for her. For several weeks, he followed her around, making sure he was always there to be her shoulder to cry on. She knew what he was up to, but didn’t have the heart to tell him to just back off. When the pair then became accidentally locked in the cellar at the pub one night, the truth came out. Flick admitted that she knew Matt fancied her and everyone thought his behaviour was pathetic. But by the end of the night, she had apologised for her outburst, and the pair agreed to just be mates.

Having left school, Flick decided that she would rather work than go straight to university. After being offered an interview at a PR company, she needed to come up with a new product and an advertising campaign for it. Matt suggested that she should try to sell a drink that nobody liked and Flick found herself employment at the PR company – though not quite the stunning career she had in mind. Flick ended up as a ‘Grappa’ girl, trying to sell the drink ‘Populare Grappa’ to punters in clubs. She soon realised that it wasn’t for her and resigned, before scoring a place on a university course and leaving town.

Only a few weeks later, Flick returned with her tail between her legs, admitting to her parents that she wasn’t really enjoying being at university and wanted to get out into the real world. After scoring a job at Lassiter’s hotel, Flick was charmed to meet the assistant manager, Marc Lambert. However, Flick was in for a shock, when, after flirting with Marc for several weeks, she found out that he was, in fact, engaged to her sister, Steph. Although she knew it was wrong, Flick ended up kissing her sister’s fiance, before making every attempt she could to avoid him as the wedding approached. She knew that she was falling in love with him and found it very difficult to be around her family, who were busily planning Steph’s big day. In the end, Lyn confronted her daughter, believing that she was jealous of Steph and told her not to ruin her big sister’s moment in the spotlight. After rescuing Lou and Rosie from a burning church one evening, Flick became more aware of her priorities. She confronted Marc and told him that she loved him and believed that he was also in love with her. He, however, believed that Steph was pregnant, and told Flick that he couldn’t pull out of his engagement now.

As the wedding day arrived, Marc found out that Steph wasn’t actually pregnant, it had all been a false alarm. As the time came to share their vows, Marc couldn’t stop staring at Flick and was unable to say his vows. Steph quickly realised what was going on and confronted her sister. Flick ran off and, arriving back in Ramsay Street, she jumped into a cab that had just dropped off her Aunty Valda.

The only person who had provided Flick with any support throughout her troubles was Stuart Parker. So, when Flick fled to Sydney, he quickly followed to try and talk some sense into her. However, Stuart wasn’t the only one to chase her, as Marc also turned up, determined to win back the woman he really loved. Flick was quickly won over by Marc’s words, but when she found some papers in the car with Steph’s name on them, Flick realised that the car and the trip had all been intended for the honeymoon. Disgusted, she realised she had no choice but to return to Erinsborough and face her family. Unfortunately, they weren’t quite ready to forgive and forget, so Flick decided to stay at Libby and Drew’s old flat for a while.

Marc, however, wasn’t about to give up on a relationship with Flick. Returning to Erinsborough, he tracked her down to the flat and made her listen to him. For a while, she tried to make a go of things as a couple, but she realised that it was a mistake as she began to lose the respect of her friends and family, most importantly, her mum. Breaking up with Marc was not that simple, as he locked her in his car and tried to convince her to stay with him. He soon realised that it was pointless and left town. Meanwhile, Harold helped Flick out in her hour of need by giving her work at the Coffee Shop. But as she realised it was going to take a long time for Steph to be able to forgive her for what she’d done, she decided to take up an offer of Tad’s and join him for a while, working on his Extreme Games tour in the USA.

When Flick returned to Ramsay Street, she found that many things had changed in her absence. Steph and Stuart had grown a lot closer and Flick was left wondering if she could ever be with the one man who’d stood by her. Although Steph made it clear that she only wanted to be Stu’s friend, and even gave the couple her blessing, Flick and Stuart still didn’t quite get it together. In the mean time, Flick was staying with her old friend, Luke Dawson, while she tried to patch things up with her family. Although the rest of them were just happy to have her home, things with Steph were still strained. However, when Michelle was upset over her parents’ plans to have another baby, Flick offered her some good advice and Steph was impressed. She then offered to buy her sister a drink at the pub, and things gradually started to return to normal.

Meanwhile, Flick’s relationship with Stuart was slowly developing too. When Stuart received the loan of a limousine as payment for some work at the garage, Flick persuaded Chloe Lambert, who had hired her back at the hotel, to use her and Stu as the new limo rental service. After a night out in the limo, the couple could no longer resist and shared a kiss in the back. Then they ended up actually spending the night together in the back of it after breaking down in the middle of nowhere. After finally becoming an official couple, it wasn’t long before something came along to threaten their happiness. Flick broke the news to Stuart that she’d applied for a position at the Lassiter’s hotel branch in New York. Having learnt about the temporary position, Flick decided it would be the perfect chance for her to get ahead in the industry, as well as providing some support for Michelle, who was headed to the USA on an exchange programme.

With only a few weeks left together, Flick and Stuart decided to take a road trip together and spend some time alone in the Wonnangatta Valley. Driving into the bush, Flick only took her eyes off of the road for a second, but since she had only just passed her driving test, she wasn’t a very confident driver. Stuart screamed out when he spotted Flick heading straight towards some road works, and she swerved, causing the camper van to plunge over a cliff. Hanging over the edge of the cliff, Flick managed to get out, only seconds before the van went over, with Stuart still inside. Flick rushed down the hillside where she was relieved to find that Stuart had escaped relatively unscathed. After building a simply shelter as it started to rain, the couple then made slow progress trying to get back to civilisation the following day. They eventually found a ranger’s cabin where they stayed and Flick managed to save Stuart from hypothermia by massaging him to restore the blood flow. The next morning, the ranger returned and found them and they were both rushed to hospital. With no lasting damage, everything seemed fine and with the news that Michelle’s exchange trip had been called off, it also meant that Flick could stay in Australia.

However, Stuart felt guilty that Flick was passing up such a great job opportunity. He convinced Flick to go and that he would still be waiting for her when she came back. And so, after spending their final few days together, Stuart shocked Flick by proposing to her at Lassiter’s lake. Flick gladly accepted, before saying her goodbyes to the neighbours and leaving for the airport in Stu’s limo. However, once at the airport, she realised that she’d left the ring at home. Stuart rushed back to Ramsay Street, while Flick said her goodbyes to her family. After being stopped by the police, Stuart was delayed and Flick was forced to go through to departures. However, she realised that she couldn’t go without the ring and stopped at the last minute. With only seconds to spare, Stuart arrived and put the ring back on Flick’s finger. She then said her final farewells and boarded her plane, happy in the knowledge that all her loved ones would be there in Erinsborough, waiting for her to return.

In July 2022, Flick had a surprising encounter when she spotted a woman in the park, watching a video of Karl Kennedy on her phone. She struck up a conversation and found out that the woman, Beth, had once lived on Ramsay Street too, and was part of a Facebook group for former residents, who'd been asked to send messages to Toadie on his wedding day. With Toadie planning to move out of Ramsay Street with his new bride, Melanie, Karl put the call out to the former residents and asked them to send messages and convince him to stay. Flick and Beth then recorded a message, joking about how, even from miles away, Ramsay Street could still bring people together.

Trivia Notes
• Holly Valance left Neighbours to pursue her singing career after launching her debut single Kiss Kiss while on the show. Felicity's flight to the States in the wake of Steph's wedding disaster was to allow Holly leave to promote the release
• In 2005, Felicity made a cameo appearance in Annalise's 20th Anniversary Documentary

3418-4144, 4773, 8902, 8903

Magic Moments
Episode 3419: The Scullys' Arrival
Episode 4144: Felicity's Departure

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