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 Bring Back Tom
August 17 2004

A group of fans have started a campaign to bring back Tom Scully (Andrew Larkins), who has recently left the show on Australian screens.

 Neighbours Stays in Belgium for 2 more years
August 16 2004

Belgian network VRT have comissioned Neighbours for another 2 years, a total of 624 episodes. Since starting on the channel in 1988, Neighbours has been rated number one in its timeslot.

 Season Finale Fireworks?
August 14 2004

With this year’s finale currently being filmed, and due to air on the 10th December, word is already beginning to leak out about the content. It seems that after a few more subdued, almost happy, season cliffhangers for the last few years, the heat is going to be seriously turned up for 2004. Back in March, we interviewed executive producer Ric Pellizzeri who told us that the ultimate plan was to make the show have a more modern feel, saying “God only knows what we are going to burn down in the future!”. Well, if rumours are to be believed, most of the Lassiter’s complex is going to fall victim.

Deaths are also going to feature, and with Jack Scully (Jay Bunyan) and Libby Kennedy (Kym Valentine) on their way out, plus the character of Joe Scully (Shane Connor) still looming, it seems that it’s anybody’s guess who those deaths might be.

 Maggie's Powerful New Role
August 13 2004

Maggie Millar (Rosie Hoyland) is about to take the lead role in a new play which opens next month at Chapel off Chapel in Prahran, Melbourne. The debut season of If I Should Die Before I Wake runs from September 2-19 with performances on Tuesdays at 6.30pm and from Wednesday to Saturday at 8pm, with matinees on Wednesday, Saturday and Sundays. Tickets are $28.50, with concession and groups of 20 or more at $20. Bookings on 8290-7000.

The play also stars Neighbours writer and guest actor Margot Knight (Jean Richards/Tracey Cox).

 Episode Titles Introduced
August 10 2004

As of tomorrow's episode, number 4501, episode titles will be used for the first time on Neighbours. When speaking to executive producer, Ric Pellizzeri about this development, he had the following to say:

"We want our children (episodes) that we send out into the world to have names and not numbers. It has been too impersonal for too long. How can you say "go out into the world 4503 and knock 'em dead". That is so cold, it's just setting the little runt up for failure. We want to have fun coming up with the 240 odd title names a year. We obviously don't have enough to do and this should keep delinquent writers and editors off the mean streets of Melbourne. We are different to other soaps and want to continue to be different to other soaps. This is a way to celebrate our difference. We want to stress out our editors and writers in coming up with witty titles, that have double meanings with a double pike and half twist. We want to stress out the webbies with the controversy and debate it will generate on Neighbours sites. I can see RSI making a comeback. And finally we thought, WHY NOT. At last word count there were approximately 616,500 word forms in the English language. We shouldn't run out of titles in the near future. After all there are only 7 musical notes and Justin Timberlake still doesn't sound like Beethoven."

So there you have it. Obviously this won't affect things around here too much, but we'll be mentioning all of the episode titles on our Weekly Reviews and Magic Moments from now on.

 Superstar... Or Not
August 09 2004

It seems that Holly Valance's (Flick Scully) quest to make a name for herself in America has hit another stumbling block. Having lined up a guest appearance in hit show Nip/Tuck, she turned down the role when scripts revealed that her character would have to take part in a threesome.

Elsewhere, Sky News is reporting that chart sensation Jamelia is being lined up for a special guest appearance on Neighbours, having become a big hit in Australia with her recent single, Superstar.

 Jay's Final Scenes
August 02 2004

Friday 30th July saw Jay Bunyan film his final scenes after two years playing Jack Scully. He was presented with a new suitcase as his traditional gift from cast and crew, and Jay now plans to head to the Edinburgh Festival with his one-man show The Packer. Meanwhile, Australian newspaper The Herald Sun has given a rather large hint as to Jack's fate, as a picture from his final day featured none other than Michelle Ang (Lori Lee). The article in the newspaper mentioned that Ang returned to Melbourne for a couple of days last week...


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