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 Lana Crawford Controversy
Sept. 29 2004

This week's Australian episodes of Neighbours saw a first for the show, as lesbian Lana Crawford (Bridget Neval) kissed her friend Sky Mangel (Stephanie McIntosh). Australia's Age newspaper has reported that the character has already been attacked by many conservative groups for "glamouring a high-risk culture" and "making homosexuality look cool".

Bridget has taken these attacks in her stride, more concerned for the many gay teenagers who will feel isolated by the opinions of these groups. And with so much press coverage in Australia, it remains to be seen how the BBC will tackle the scenes when they air later this year

 Delta's Pepsi Deal
Sept. 29 2004

Delta Goodrem (Nina Tucker) is to be one of the new faces of Pepsi in a campaign entitled Pepsi Divas. The campaign, also featuring stars such as Pink and Beyonce Knowles will offer Pepsi drinkers the chance to win a ticket to an exclusive Delta concert in November. Delta's new single, Out of the Blue, is due out in Australia in a fortnight, whilst her new album, possibly titled Mistaken Identity will be released before the end of the year.

 Hip-hop Harold
Sept. 21 2004

This week's issue of the UK's Inside Soap magazine has revealed that Ian Smith (Harold Bishop) has recorded a single, due for release this Christmas. The song, entitled I Am Not A Pop Star is said by Ian to have "a hip-hop feel to it."

The magazine also features interviews with Mark Raffety (returning to UK screens next week as Darcy Tyler) and Jay Bunyan (Jack Scully). The issue also reveals that two Neighbours are amongst the shortlists for the Inside Soap awards. Blair McDonough (Stuart Parker) is nominated for sexiest male, whilst Natalie Bassingthwaighte (Izzy Hoyland) is up for best bitch. Results will be revealed in next week's issue.

 Anniversary Preparations
Sept. 20 2004

Preparations for the 20th anniversary of Neighbours are in full swing. With original cast member Stefan Dennis kicking off the celebrations by reprising his role as Paul Robinson at the end of the year, 2005 will see an entire season of celebration both on screen and off. On top of two Neighbours-related documentaries in the pipeline, one for the BBC and one for ITV, a special commemorative book will be published in the spring to mark the milestone. Meanwhile, viewers are being assured by the Neighbours team that the year will provide a whole host of surprises and pay-offs for longtime fans.

 Delta's New Single
Sept. 20 2004

After spending most of the past year recovering from cancer, and concentrating on the acting side of her career, an announcement has finally been made about Delta Goodrem's (Nina Tucker) return to music. Her new single, entitled Out Of The Blue will be released in Australia in October, and fans all across the country can hear it on the radio this Friday, September 24th, at 7.45am. Her new album is due out by the end of the year.

Delta recently made a return to Neighbours as Nina, in order to tie up loose ends after her sudden departure last year. The scenes were shown earlier this month in Australia and will be shown in the UK in November. But as our news item revealed a few days ago, this may not be the last we see of Nina...

 Ratings Still Healthy
Sept. 19 2004

The Media Guardian has reported in its overnight tv ratings this week, that Neighbours is winning its evening slot, with more than 3 million viewers. This comes despite competition from Channel Four's Richard & Judy, whose interview with Cherie Blair was much publicised. Neighbours' closest rival in its evening timeslot continues to be The Weakest Link, which on this occasion managed 2.8 million viewers

 Delta's Secret Scene
Sept. 16 2004

This week's issue of the UK's Inside Soap magazine has revealed that, whilst filming her brief return to the show as Nina (due to screen in the UK in November), Delta Goodrem filmed an extra top-secret scene. Rumour has it that this could be part of Jack's departure, or even the upcoming 20th anniversary celebrations.

The magazine also features an interview with Jackie Woodburne (Susan Kennedy) about her character's complex relationship with Tom (Andrew Larkins).

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