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News Headlines Edited by Aaron, Jamie and Karl

 OzSoap 2003 Cancelled
Oct. 28 2003

It has been announced that the OzSoap 2003 Convention, due to have been taking place in Blackpool in December, has been cancelled.

The organisers have put it down to illness and the departure of several significant sponsors. They have also stated that ticketholders will be fully refunded with a cheque within the next few weeks and that any further enquiries about the event should be sent to: davidr@firefly-glass.co.uk

 Neighbours' 17th UK Anniversary
Oct. 27 2003

Today marks the 17th anniversary of Neighbours broadcasting in the UK. Who could have guessed back then that after all these years, we'd all still be obsessed with the antics of the residents of Ramsay Street.

Those of you who can't remember that far back might like to check out our Magic Moments section, where we have an illustrated summary of that very first episode.

 Neighbours Double Bills on UK Gold
Oct. 24 2003

From Monday 1st December UK Gold will start showing double bills of the 1997 repeats of Neighbours. This of course means they will be showing 10 episodes a week and the channel getting through the series a lot faster. The change also comes with a new timeslot of 6.40am with the second episode showing at 7.10am.

Also, there will be no episodes from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day with another break on New Years Day.

 Delta's Success
Oct. 22 2003

Delta Goodrem (Nina Tucker) appeared last night at the ARIA (Australian Recording Industry) Awards, her last public appearance for at least six months according to her mother. Goodrem, in sugar-pink dress and shaggy blonde wig, picked up seven awards including Highest Selling Album for Innocent Eyes and Highest Selling Single for Born To Try. Former Savage Garden front man Darren Hayes performed a special rendition of Lost Without You for the young star. News.com.au reports Goodrem as saying: "To actually be here and see all the fans and people in the industry ... it's just amazing."

 Neighbours Backlot Tour
Oct. 19 2003

A trip to Melbourne could now be better than ever, as Neighbours and Grundy bosses have opened up the show's Nunawading backlot set for tours. Lassiter's Complex, Grease Monkeys and Carpenter's Mechanics are all available to be toured through neighbourstour.com, the website of The Backpacker King. This unprecedented move means that you can visit Lou's Place and The Coffee Shop, as well as Ramsay Street and other public places occasionally used for filming. The tour company also operates the infamous "Neighbours Nights" to meet members of the cast, past and present.

 Titles Updated
Oct. 14 2003

An updated version of the Neighbours opening title sequence debuted in Australia last night with five new characters having arrived and two temporarily departed. While all new shots have been filmed, the titles have kept their colourful style, and most of the abstract images previously used in the sidebar have been replaced with faces of the characters. Libby and Ben have disappeared while Sky, David, Liljana, Serena and Isabelle have been added. The dogs of Ramsay Street, Bob and Harvey, also make appearances at the beginning and the end of the titles respectively.

 Anderson Speaks
Oct. 12 2003

Andy Anderson has reacted to news of screen brother Shane Connor's departure from Neighbours. Speaking to this site, Andy admitted he would gladly return to the show to fill the void left by Joe, but would rather return as Mick and not, as many have suggested on our message board, as a recast Joe.

 OzSoap Returns!
Oct. 12 2003

Ticket holders for OzSoap 2003 will be pleased to know that the event is now back on. Whether or not the same actors from the original list will be appearing at the convention or not is still unknown.

 Kylie's New Single
Oct. 08 2003

The Kylie Minogue (Charlene Robinson) fansite, LiMBO: Kylie Minogue Online, shared some interesting news about Kylie's new single.

Apparently the single Slow, due for release on November 3rd, is to be one of the first to impliment the new single restrictions from her record label, EMI - a ploy to increase dwindling single sales. The first version of the CD contains the video, a remix and a new song as bonuses, but the second version contains a mere two tracks - and will more than likely stay at a lower price than the first version throughout its run on the charts.

They also shared an updated Body Language album tracklisting:

01. Slow
02. Still Standing
03. Secret (Take You Home)
04. Promises
05. Sweet Music
06. Red Blooded Woman
07. Chocolate
08. Obsession
09. I Feel 4 U
10. Someday
11. Loving Days
12. After Dark

 OzSoap 2003 Postponed
Oct. 07 2003

The OzSoap 2003 Convention has been postponed until further notice. The OzSoap 2003 website has released this statement:

"Due to circumstances beyond our control and alleged misrepresentations and mis-management by the agent involved, OzSoap 2003 has been postponed until the legalities can be worked out to the satisfaction of all parties involved."

After contacting those involved, they reassured us that should the event be cancelled completely - something which is looking more and more likely - ticket holders will be given a complete refund.

 Newsletter Spoilers
Oct. 05 2003

Alan Fletcher's latest newsletter has revealed that there will be some trying times ahead for the Kennedy family, "with Karl re-examining his life and his achievements." It also revealed that Mal Kennedy will be back later in the year "to make sure Karl isn't playing up on his wife."

Alan also revealed that he will remain on our screens throughout 2004, but that "Karl will be quite a different person, so be prepared for changes."

Finally, he confirmed that the cast is currently shooting another Neighbours wedding, which is between two characters we may not expect to see getting married.

Thanks to alanfletcher.net

 Convention in Crisis
Oct. 05 2003

The UK's first Australian soap convention looks to be in crisis this weekend following the news that Darren Gray Management and all of its stars have pulled out of the event.

Darren Gray Management have released this statement: "Darren Gray Management wish it to be known that we are no-longer associated with Oz Soap 2003 in any shape or form and that none of the artists we represent will be taking part.

Any future enquiries should be directed to the event producer Stephen Gibbons of Firefly Glass Entertainment."

When contacting Stephen Gibbons about the future of the event he had this to say: "It depends on the availability of the talent, which we will be looking into next week. The website will give full details on anything that affects the event."

To view Oz Soap 2003's website click here

 Shane Connor Sacked
Oct. 05 2003

Shane Connor (Joe Scully) was in a "state of shock and disbelief" after being sacked from Neighbours on Monday. The Sunday Herald Sun reports that Connor was dismissed in a production meeting moments after arriving on set at Global Studios, and was promptly escorted off the premises. According to a source, he was not allowed to say goodbye to any of the show's cast or crew. No comment has been made from either Channel 10 or Grundy Television as to why the sudden axing took place.

The source was reported as saying: "He is bewildered, devastated and very concerned about the repercussions the events of this week could have on his professional future." It is believed Connor had six months remaining on his current contract.

 Holly Loses Management Battle
Oct. 05 2003

Holly Valance (Felicity Scully) has lost her court battle with ex-manager Scott Michaelson. The Courier-Mail reports that the NSW Supreme Court found in favour of Michaelson, who had sued Valance after she prematurely terminated their contract. Justice Clifford Einstein reportedly described Valance as a cynical, scheming young woman who had deliberately dumped her former manager in the pursuit of her own success.

Michaelson claimed at least $400,000 in damages but the amount has yet to be decided by the court. However, he will not be entitled to an ongoing account of Valance's profits.

 Anne's New Role
Oct. 03 2003

Anne Charleston (Madge Bishop) appeared in News Shopper suppliment, Bromley and Hayes' Leisure News about her part in The Cemetary Club. Reporter Melanie Gomm spoke with Anne about the role, where she plays a Jewish widow who has started dating again. The play follows Ida, Lucille and Doris, who meet every month for a cup of tea and a visit to their husband's graves. The trio meet a person call Sam and everything began to change.

Anne said "I hope there are a lot of laughs and tears. It is a very good piece, beautifully written. It's got everything."

When asked about her time on Neighbours, Anne said that she doesn't "want to be Madge forever". She frustratingly said she will "never break away from the role" and that she "doesn't like it, but can't blame people for always seeing me as Madge."

The Cemetary Club was on at The Churchill Theatre, High Street, Bromley, Sept. 29th - October 4th. When asked what she has lined up for the future, Anne said "there are a few things in the pipeline but I don't quite know what's happening."

You can read the complete interview with Anne on the News Shopper Website

 Delta to Change Manager
Oct. 03 2003

Delta Goodrem (Nina Tucker) is to split with manage Glenn Wheatley, reports the Herald Sun.

Goodrem is to remain with Wheatley until their contract expires next year. It has been suggested that she will then sign up with an US management firm to attempt to break America.

 Cast Appearance
Oct. 03 2003

Members of the Neighbours cast will be doing a PA at Westfield Hurstville on Saturday October the 11th. Patrick Harvey (Connor O'Neill), Blair McDonough (Stuart Parker), Jay Bunyan (Jack Scully), Stephanie McIntosh (Sky Mangel) and Natalie Bassingthwaighte (Izzy Hoyland) are reported to be appearing at the event.

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